Things to See in South Africa: The Sunland Baobab in Modjadjiskloof Travel Attractions 20 AUG 2016

Baobab trees are renowned for their longevity and ability to reach massive proportions, with one of the largest in South Africa being the Sunland Baobab – made even more famous when in 1993, the owners of the farm on which the tree stands installed a bar in the hollow middle of the tree!

Thus was born the world famous Baobab Tree Bar.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 1

Situated near Modjadjiskloof (Duiwelskloof) in Limpopo Province, the Sunland Baobab grows on the Sunland mango farm. The tree has been carbon dated and its age is estimated to be around 1700 years old. The tree has a diameter of 10.64 meters, is 19 metres high, with a crown diameter of 30.2 metres. The circumference of the trunk is 33.4 metres.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 2

When baobabs become a thousand years old, they begin to hollow inside, forming natural wooden caverns.  Doug and Heather van Heerden bought Sunland farm in 1989, and in 1993 decided to clear out compost from the central trunk, squared off a hole to make way for a door and finally installed a railway sleeper inside for the bar.

This being South Africa, that turned the Sunland Baobab into an instant tourist attraction!

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 3

Also on Sunland farm is a nursery specialising in palms and bamboo, as well as a mango and avocado plantation. The farm can also provide accommodation for up to 20 people in tent huts which have been dubbed ‘jungalows’.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 4

Baobab trees have many myths and legends surrounding them, with one of the most well known ones being the story as to why it is sometimes called the upside down tree. Local legend has it that the baobab tree offended God and as punishment, God planted the tree upside down – easy to understand if you see a baobab in winter with its bare branches pointing skywards!

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 5

The Limpopo province is also home to the two other famous South African Baobab specimens, the country’s stoutest and second largest baobab known as the Glencoe Baobab in Hoedspruit, and the largest baobab tree in South Africa, the Sagole Baobab near Tshipise.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 6

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Things to See in South Africa: The Goat Tower of Fairview in Paarl Travel Attractions 18 AUG 2016

Goats in general like climbing things. So in 1981, inspired by a tower that he had spotted in a garden at Sogrape Vinhos (Portugal), Fairview Wine and Cheese estate owner Charles Back decided to build something intended for the pleasure of his herd of 750 odd Saanen (Swiss mountain) goats.

And so the world’s first ever purpose-built goat tower was born.

fairview wine and cheese estate goat tower 1

Built out of brick and mortar with a steep metal roof and a spiraling wooden staircase (with windows), the Fairview Goat Tower quickly became a symbol of the Paarl winelands, turning these goats into probably some of the most photographed livestock in South Africa!

(Fairview Estate was one of the first estates to open to the public, a leader in the wine tourism economy. In other words, they had tourists, and tourists of course loved the goats!)

fairview wine and cheese estate goat tower 4

With the tower now a symbol of and featuring heavily in the branding of the Fairview Winery, the Fairview team also produced a wine called “Goats do Roam,” a play on the French wine growing region Côtes du Rhône.

fairview wine and cheese estate goat tower 3

In 2007 a replica tower was opened by Charles Back at the Ekeby farm in Norway as part of a collaborative intiative, and in 2011 another replica was built on the Finca el Rocio farm in Argentina.

fairview wine and cheese estate goat tower 2

Of course, there are now other famous goat towers across the world, including the massive six-story, 31-foot-tall Tower of Baaa, constructed by farmer David Johnson, to serve his herd of 34 Saanen milk goats in Findlay, Illinois (USA).

So, if you are ever in Paarl and looking for something different to see, a stop at Fairview to look at their famous goat tower might not be a bad idea at all.

fairview wine and cheese estate goat tower 5

(Though perhaps, just don’t get the goat tower tattoo as Elisabeth Holm, chef at Ekeby apparently did…)

Elisabeth Holm, chef at Ekeby and the girl with the goat tower tattoo

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Exploring the Spice Route in Paarl (2016-08-06) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 16 AUG 2016

Chantelle and I enjoyed a rather good weekend at the start of August, with the two of us enjoying a rare date night that saw us catch a South African production of the musical comedy “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” at Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay. Unfortunately, despite being technically good and a well performed routine, neither Chantelle nor I walked out of the theatre having enjoyed the show, and so instead, took a scenic drive around the coast, before ending up back in Bellville where we let nostalgia dictate that we enjoy a midnight milkshake (and pizza) at the almost always dodgy (at night) Bellville institution that is Starlite Diner.


Having spent the night at Monty and Cheryl’s place (that’s where the girls were sleeping), the next morning saw us pop through to the Willowbridge shopping centre in Durbanville, where we met up with the visiting Terrance over some coffee and tart at Pulp, giving Chantelle at last a chance to catch up with him and his travels.


The girls enjoyed their time too (the outdoor jungle gym is always a hit!).

From there, leaving Terrance behind, we then next embarked on a drive along the N1 to Paarl, where despite some phone GPS hiccups, we successfully navigated our way to Paarl’s popular tourist attraction, the Spice Route.


Located on what was previously known as the Seidelberg Wine Estate, the Spice Route is the brainchild of successful and well known South African wine producer Charles Back, who first started work on the project around 1997.

Home to the Spice Route Winery, the unique Spice Route is intended as a tourist and locals friendly hub that curates some of the finest artisans, allowing them to showcase their produce and share their knowledge with both the public and each other.


Currently the Spice Route is home to thirteen fantastic ventures. In terms of restaurants, you have the Barley & Biltong, La Grapperia, DV Cottage Cafe, and the popular Bertus Basson offerings. There’s also cured meats from Richard Bosman, and treats from Brenda’s Deli. In terms of alcohol, you obviously have Spice Route Winery, Wilderer Distillery as well as one of the granddaddies in the current craft brewery game, Cape Brewery Co., better known as CBC.


The Trading Company has all manner of interesting items for sale, while artists display their varied work at The Barn Artist’s studio gallery. Beautifully ornate glass creations are created and displayed at the exciting Red Hot Glass studio, while those in search of chocolate decadence definitely need to pop in to DV Artisan Chocolate for a tasting session!


After strolling around and taking in all the sights and sounds, we settled on enjoying some handmade ice cream, with Jess immediately diving straight into her chocolate cone and Emily devouring whatever ice cream dared come close to her face!


Although technically kid friendly (there is a kids area, though it caters better to the slightly older children), I think the Spice Route is better explored as an adult, meaning that this is now firmly on our list of places to visit the next time Chantelle and I manage to slip away for some weekend time without the kids!


The views from the elevated estate are magnificent, the vibe is fantastic, and if you haven’t visited the Spice Route before, then you definitely should make a plan to do so, because it is simply put, fantastic.


And yes, of course I took pictures!

(I wanted to also pay a visit to the iconic Taalmonument while in the area, making it as far as the gates at the top of the hill, but unfortunately by that stage both girls were tired, grumpy and half asleep – meaning that I will have to tackle that trip another day!)

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Exploring the Paardevlei Nature Walk in Somerset West (2016-08-09) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 14 AUG 2016

National Womens Day rolled around, which of course meant no work (it is an official South African public holiday after all) and thus, given the good weather, a chance to get out of the house and do a little bit of exploring.


Seeing as Chantelle had yet to stroll around the Paardevlei Nature Walk area in Paardevlei, Somerset West, I suggested that the four of us head out that way to do a spot of flamingo watching while getting some fresh air – an idea which both she and the girls were instantly onboard for!


With Spring just around the corner, a lot of wild flowers are now starting to bloom, with the end result being of course a more colourful than usual spectacle on show.

Sadly though, the flamingos were content to stay on the far side of the dam where we couldn’t get a decent look at them, but luckily there was still more than enough active bird life in among the reeds to entertain us – turning both Chantelle and I into somewhat amateur bird watchers for a wee bit!


Hairy worms were also in abundance, and the girls took great pleasure in pointing them out!

Amazingly, the little ones did a lot better this time around than the first time I did the walk with just the two of them, meaning that we made it further down the path – though of course it did eventually get too much for them resulting in piggyback rides for most of the trail back to the car.


As you can tell from the pictures, it really was a beautiful day to be out and about in nature, and pleasingly, Chantelle quite liked this little gem of a walk that the girls and I discovered – meaning that I’m pretty sure we’ll be heading out this way more than just a few times in the Spring and Summer months to come!

(I have written about the Paardevlei area before, but just in case you haven’t caught those, the usual suspects in terms of related links can be found at the bottom of this post again)

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Netflix Worthwhile Watch: Apex: The Story of the Hypercar Fast Cars | Live-Action 12 AUG 2016

There is a lot of varied content on Netflix, which is great because you can pretty much always find something to watch which you haven’t seen before. I tend to favour watching documentaries on the odd occasion that I do find myself in front of the television, and one of the most interesting ones that I recently caught is definitely well worth the watch – particularly if you love beautiful fast cars!

mclaren p1 hypercar

APEX: The Story of the Hypercar is a slickly put together documentary detailing the rise of the hypercar, a class of car that is so exotic, so beautiful, so rare and so unobtainable!

The current era of the hypercar (essentially supercars that are elevated to even higher levels of perfomance, perfection and price) is exciting for any petrolhead, and APEX (which was put together over a period of 3 years by a team lead by directors Josh Vietze, J.F. Musial) stitches interviews with car journalists and car creators together with jaw dropping footage of these cars in action against a variety of exquisite backdrops all across the world.

All the big names seem to be chasing the move to electric/petrol hybrids, with the result being a stunning subset of cars that include the likes of the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and now the Koenigsegg One:1 (on which the film does focus quite a bit).

Also featured is the Pagani Huayra and the nod of the head to the original hypercar, the Bugatti Veyron.

Pulse pounding stuff!

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Things to See in South Africa: The Dick King Statue in Durban Travel Attractions 11 AUG 2016

Situated on the north shore of Durban Bay, the Victoria Embankment, also know as Esplanade, is Durban’s main promenade, stretching all around the waterfront and offering great views of the harbour. More or less at the center of this promenade you will stumble across a beautiful bronze equestrian statue dating back to August 1915 – the statue of Dick King.

richard dick king statue victoria embankment esplanade durban 1

The statue commemorates Dick King and his heroic journey that is entwined in the history of Port Natal (now Durban).

richard dick king statue victoria embankment esplanade durban 2

Port Natal was a British trading station in the region now known as KwaZulu-Natal. Richard ‘Dick’ King was an English trader and colonist based there, who became famous following his epic horseback journey that saw him cover a distance of 960 kilometres in 10 days (a journey that would  normally take 17), in order to request help for the besieged British garrison barricaded in at Itafa Malinde (now the Old Fort) of Port Natal from the British military outpost of Grahamstown.

richard dick king statue victoria embankment esplanade durban 3

25 May 1842. Having successfully slipped out from a ship moored in the bay and escaping the Boer republic of Natalia’s Andries Pretorius (who was spearheading the siege), Dick King, accompanied by his 16-year-old servant Ndongeni, set out into the wilderness on horseback, fording  120 rivers and dodging attacks from both Zulu and Boer forces alike.

Without a saddle or bridle, the young Ndongeni could only make it halfway, but Dick King pushed on, covering the distance in a mere ten days, but arriving in a state of complete exhaustion. His message was heard, and a month later King returned aboard one of the British vessels carrying the relief parties, arriving in time to save the Port Natal garrison from imminent surrender or starvation.

richard dick king statue victoria embankment esplanade durban 4

Later, Ndongeni would receive a farm at the Mzimkulu river and the humble King a farm at Isipingo for their services. On the 14 August 1915 this beautiful statue commemorating Dick King and his horse Somerset’s epic journey, and thus important piece of Durban’s history, was unveiled.

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Why Pokémon Go Turned Out a Big Hit
[Unclassified] 10 AUG 2016

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not downloaded Niantic Lab’s Pokémon Go, you must have heard of it. Such is the near ubiquitous nature of the game. There have been millions of downloads, thousands of headlines, thousands of memes and hundreds of brands scrambling to align and partner with the brand. What are the ingredients that have pushed Pokémon Go to a viral and financial success?

pokemon go on phone

Mobile Technology

The first main ingredient for Pokémon Go’s success was launching the game on mobile. At a time when the number of smartphone owners continues to soar around the globe, this was a smart move.

Smartphone technologies of years past were already good enough to allow high level mobile gaming. From first person shooters to mobile casinos, there was no limit. Some of the best mobile casinos, including those on, had super realistic casino games that only endeared users further to their smartphones.

Improvements in technology brought us mobile apps as well as augmented and virtual reality. Pokémon Go tapped into these by using computer generated sensory input to display on a smartphone, virtual Pokémon in physical, real-world environments. This gave users a fascinating experience.

Nostalgic appeal

Pokémon first launched 20 years ago and in that time, they have amassed millions of fans. The game launching this year therefore resonated with older millennials who enjoyed Pokémon gaming on their Game Boy as well as younger people who have only lived in a world of smartphones, internet and mobile apps. The two demographics made for more success than you would expect from a typical modern day game.

A blend of physical and digital

Location-based technologies are becoming more mainstream so the relationship between the physical and digital world will only grow. Pokémon Go, however, has been able to blend the physical and digital on a wider scale. First, they released the game during the nicest days of summer. Secondly, they got many business owners to tap into the phenomenon by inviting players into their establishment. Customers are offered discounts for Pokémon caught whilst being encouraged to play more.

All embracing mechanics and design

The external forces discussed already are not the only reasons for the success of Pokémon Go. The design and mechanics are also key contributors. Pokémon Go as a game prioritises time above skill or ability. This means a 40-year old player than hasn’t been a regular smartphone gamer has the same chances of success as a 20-year old gaming wizard. The game features a balanced environment where users can work together and help one another to succeed.

Modern day video games have a competitive edge which can discourage casual players and force them to quit a game minutes after downloading and starting. However, Pokémon Go does not have this problem because you don’t need any special skills to capture a Pokémon and you don’t have to be the first player out of the gate. This has turned the game into a welcoming one for both newbies and veterans.

Pokémon Go’s success therefore can be attributed to a perfect blend of various factors that encourages collaboration and exploration instead of competition and strong emphasis on gaming skills.

Catching up with Terrance at Wild Clover and Weltevreden (2016-07-30) Photo Gallery | Restaurants 09 AUG 2016

It has been five years now since good friend Terrance (I’ve known him since school days) left our sunny shores for a life of teaching English in Japan. He has of course subsequently made a life for himself over there (Ryan and I were lucky enough to attend his wedding in Komagane back in 2014), so I doubt that he will ever call this part of the world home again.


He has however been pretty good in coming back to South Africa in order to spend time with his folks from time to time, and as circumstance would have it, this year we got to catch up twice – back in February where I introduced him to the Vergelegen Estate (and caught a screening of Deadpool in the process), and now again at the end of July.


This time around though, as both he and I were flying solo (more or less – I still had the girls with me), I opted for a kid friendly venue which lead to us meeting up at Wild Clover, a frequent favourite spot for the Gordon Bay Lötters!

The girls and I arrived a little early, so we did a spot of exploring around first, but pretty soon we grabbed a table (they have a new chef, so the place is pretty popular again!) and were joined by an eager Mr. Brown for some craft beer, pizza and a great catch up session!


Still eager for some more time swapping stories, I next suggested that we move up the road to Weltevreden, as the play area at The Carnival (which we only recently discovered) is nicely shaded and makes for a better afternoon play spot than Wild Clover.

Pleasingly he was keen, and so a quick drive later (Jess enjoyed being his passenger in the Citi Golf), we were once again seated and chatting, with the girls happily running around searching for ladybirds and whatnot.

All in all, not a bad way of catching up on all the news from the Land of the Rising Sun! :)

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East West: South Africans Zabroad travel to Thailand Travel Attractions 08 AUG 2016

Following the launch of their great East West: South Africans Zabroad YouTube travel show, the husband and wife team of Retha and Miguel Sanchez have since followed up their initial South Korea exploration with a move of focus to Thailand, where they interviewed South Africans living and working in both Phuket and Bangkok.

moored boat in crystal clear water on a beach at phuket, thailand

As per usual, it’s pretty interesting to hear how fellow South Africans are adapting to and enjoying the new culture and norms, but of course it is the stunning visuals accompanying these interviews that are the real stars of this show!

Episode 4 jumps to Phuket, where property owner Gert Loubser, holiday makers Nox & Fumane, and Justin & Reinhardt share their impressions and tips on making your Thailand experience unforgettable.

Next up, episode 5 then concludes the Phuket leg of the show, featuring interviews with Louis Baartman, Paul & Nadia, and Tieka van Rensburg. There are also beach excursions and a visit to rural Phuket – as well as a braai!

Leaving the beaches of Phuket behind, episode 6 next explores Bangkok’s temples and floating markets, with South Africans Sally, Matt & Dan thrown in the mix:

Finally, episode 7 sees the second part of the team’s Bangkok visit, interviewing Marce, Mandi & Krige in the process. They take a stroll down Khao San Road, see 1600 pandas and enjoy fancy cocktails at the Sky Bar!

Thailand is a pretty popular holiday destination for South Africans given our relatively weak currency (in other words, it is a more affordable overseas holiday than most!), but having seen all this, I have to say, I wouldn’t mind going for a break there either!

thailand elephant spraying man with water

The team has since taken a short break to walk the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain (which went very well based on their Instagram account – and Chantelle’s Whatsapp chats with Retha!),  and with East West now based in Spain for the next short while, we can definitely look forward to some “South Africans in Europe” tales hitting YouTube pretty soon!

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Catch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Nicktoons
[Partner Content] 07 AUG 2016

At four, Jessica was a massive fan of the super fun My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series – with plenty of toy ponies to show for it too!

my little pony friendship is magic tv show

The animated show tells the tale of the studious Twilight Sparkle, and her pet dragon Spike, that gets sent off to Ponyville to do some research. There she quickly becomes friends with the ponies Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and together they embark on all manner of adventures, with quite often their friendship being the thing that pulls them through!

It’s colourful, the characters cute, the stories a pleasure for both young and old, and quite frankly, I found myself rather enjoying watching the series first time around with Jess. (Less so the 300th time she watched it!)

Anyway, the good news is that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is finally back on our screens, landing in August courtesy of Nicktoons, which can be found at channel 308 on DSTV.



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How does Garlic Grow? Science, Technology & Curiosity 06 AUG 2016

It is no surprise that Garlic is considered a super food these days, with this plant having been used both for food flavouring and traditional medicine for thousands of years now. Native to central Asia, Garlic has of course traversed the world and garlic crops can be found pretty much anywhere these days.

garlic field being picked

Nicole Cotroneo Jolly and her team over at How Does it Grow? put together a fantastically slick video showing us just how garlic is grown and farmed on a commercial scale in the USA:

Next up, the New Zealand team at POD Gardening show us just how to go about planting our own garlic, with the big things to take away from the process being to make sure that you have the soil well prepared and getting the garlic cloves the right distance away from one another as well as below the soil (Oh, and pointy end up!):

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Kids and Mud at Pollock Park in Gordon’s Bay (2016-08-02) Photo Gallery 05 AUG 2016

The days are staying a little lighter for longer now, meaning that once again the girls and I have the opportunity to nip out after school before the whole supper, bath and bed routine starts. Tuesday evening saw us we take the opportunity to spend a little time running around our favourite public park in Gordon’s Bay, Pollock Park.


It was a LOT more muddy than what I would have liked, but seeing as I only saw the mud AFTER we had already all exited the car, it was pretty much a lost cause and I could only hope that the girls remain PARTICULARLY well balanced for this session of play!


(Thankfully, they did!)

Usually the stone canals that run the length of the park sit dry (the pump mechanism was vandalised and stolen years ago), so it was pretty cool to see water flowing through all the channels for a change – giving the girls and myself more than enough reason to track the water all the way back up to the duck pond, which I am happy to report is sitting at a quite nice and healthy level at last.


Mr Teddy also came along for the play session, and even more amazing was the fact that he too somehow remained completely mud free!


Oh, and it was pretty cool to see some kids arrive with a quadcopter/drone, flying it in order to record the long-boarding that happens there on the road next to the park. (Pollock Park is essentially on the lower slopes of the mountain.)


As fun this impromptu outing was, unfortunately the weather didn’t stay great for long, and about 40 minutes in, we were forced to return back to the car, with the light rapidly fading, the cloud cover now heavy, and the temperature more than a little chilly.

Still, the girls had fun and that’s definitely what counts!

The Flying Pan: Food Delivery & Catering Service in Cape Town
[Partner Content] 04 AUG 2016

Are you too busy to cook, tired of unhealthy takeaways or jaded by your limited dinner time cooking skills? Enter The Flying Pan, a healthy and convenient dinner time solution based in Cape Town that delivers chef prepared meals to your door.

In essence The Flying Pan is a dinner delivery service, but what sets it apart is its dedication to healthy, and delicious tasting food. Meals are prepared fresh in the morning of delivery, and then delivered throughout Cape Town’s CBD and the Southern Suburbs. It offers an alternative dinner time solution and provides all the benefits of home cooked meals, without the fuss. Their tagline, Rethink Dinner encourages people to break the hard wired habit of shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning, and to consider dinner alternatives that work with modern, busy lifestyles.

the flying pan meals - penne and curry


The Flying Pan understands that in the modern world, convenience is King, and as a result not only focuses on serving great food, but also on making the service as simple and convenient as possible. As such, The Flying Pan has embraced a simple-to-use online ordering system. Customers can order and pay for their food online (using multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards and SnapScan), and get dinner delivered the very next day. Plans are on the way to develop an online food delivery app, to make ordering a healthy dinner as easy as a tap or a swipe. The Flying Pan also gives customers total flexibility in meals ordered (no minimum order, no subscriptions), unlike some of their competitors.


To suit different lifestyles, The Flying Pan has three different menus. The classic menu caters for everyday requirements, while the vegetarian menu offers a delicious selection of plant based meals. The low carb menu follows certain banting principles, and is suited to those looking to reduce their carb intake. The menus feature dishes from various cuisines, including crowd pleasing pastas, fragrant Thai dishes, South African favourites, and spicy Indian curries. Furthermore, menus are rotated so that customers will never get bored of dinner time.


In addition, The Flying Pan also offers a cutomised corporate and wedding catering service in the larger Cape Town area. Compared to other catering companies, The Flying Pan creates unique menus based on customer briefs, ensuring that a unique food experience is provided every time.

the flying pan meals - chicken

For more information of The Flying Pan’s food delivery and catering service, visit their website.

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How do Peanuts Grow? Science, Technology & Curiosity 03 AUG 2016

Peanuts do not grow on trees. In fact, peanut pods develop under the ground, which is relatively unusual when it comes to crop plants. This nutritious little snack is in fact not a nut but a legume, and is apparently a relatively easy to grow plant that tends to be great for the soil thanks the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria that hang about the root nodules.

hand holding peanut plant

I’ve rooted around and dug up three nice YouTube videos that tells us a bit more about how peanuts are grown, as well as the interesting way in which they get mechanically harvested these days.

First up is Maddie Moate, a British Television Presenter, Writer and YouTube “Edutainer”:

Next up is a video by Pilgrim Prepper, who shows us a peanut plant crop, as well as a quick introduction to the harvesting process:

Finally, we have a video from msfirefighter662, showing us how a peanut crop is mechanically harvested and giving a good explanation of all the machinery used in the process. Interesting fact, peanuts are quite a big crop in the USA, with a lot of them being grown in the Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina areas:

Kind of makes me want to plant peanuts in my garden (read soil patch) now.

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Willards Cheese & Onion Cheese Curls
[Partner Content] 02 AUG 2016

So a little while ago a box full of Willards Chilli Cheese Curls rocked up at my door. Unexpectedly, another box just rocked up at my door, this time containing their newly released Cheese & Onion flavour Cheese Curls.

(Disclaimer, the bright yellow box also contained a packet of the regular cheese curls and the limited edition chilli cheese curls. All three were almost immediately polished off by the Gordon’s Bay Lotter clan.)

The guys at Willards are so happy with the new flavour release, that they even commissioned and crafted a song to go with it: Gonna Make You Smile from the talented local band that is HOVnBAE.

HovnBae band, working with willards cheese curls

The song in question, which is intended to invoke happy thoughts, make you feel proudly South African, and no doubt make you think of Cheese Curls at the same time, sounds like this:

If you want, you can grab the full song here, or the ringtone here.

Interestingly enough though, my girls didn’t really like the new flavour at all (they much prefer the original), while I thought it okay at best. Give me their limited edition Chilli Cheese Curl flavour any day! Still, for those of you out there who prefer more ‘adult’ flavours, then I guess the new Cheese & Onion version won’t disappoint.

Cheese Curls puff chips flavour range

What I did however like the most from this particular blogger drop was this cleverly designed Cheese Curl shaped USB thumb drive (containing the press release info) that was hiding under the chips at the bottom of the box…

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