Solved: Appcelerator Build Error: “EPERM, operation not permitted” Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 27 MAY 2016

Sigh, I really do not enjoy building Apps. Anyway, the latest roadblock to hit me after being asked to quickly unlock the previously locked orientation on one of our Appcelerator-built mobile apps, required me to boot up Appcelerator Studio, make the code tweak and then run an Android build – only to be stopped in my tracks by a glaring compiler error that read:

“EPERM, operation not permitted”.

After a bit of tearing my hair out, Googling, and just general despair, the solution to this problem revealed itself… the damn antivirus was interfering here!

So a quick trip to the Avast! antivirus control panel in order to turn off all the active monitoring, a restart of the build process, and voilà… my app change was done.

So just jotting this down here in case I run into this issue again. (Also, don’t forget to turn you Antivirus back on again when you are done!)

Avast Active Protection settings window above appcelerator studio

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Ambling along Gordon’s Bay Beach (2016-05-25) Photo Gallery 26 MAY 2016

I’ll let you in on a little secret of Gordon’s Bay – Winter is one of the best times of the year in our village. The reason being that the wind pretty much goes away, leaving you with beautiful winter sun soaked days that are absolutely perfect for taking long lunch break walks along the beach.

Which is exactly what I’m trying to do on a daily basis now, working at strengthening my knee by trudging through soft sand and water. Could be worse ways to go about it!


Wednesday I ended up taking my phone along, hence all these lovely sandy pictures…

Aah, now I remember why I love living in Gordon’s Bay!

Jessica and Emily get a Double Bunk Bed to Share (2016-05-24) Photo Gallery 25 MAY 2016

Jessica was 3 when she got to sleep in her own big bed for the first time. Emily beats that by about six or so months because as of right now, the two girls are roommates and sleep on their very own, brand new double bunk bed!


With the walls now freshly painted by Creative Designs All Sorts, the sagging cupboard repaired with a screw into the wall, Jessica’s old single bed sold via Facebook, and the carpets nice and clean thanks to the work of AJ’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Chantelle was ready to put her Girls’ Room Transformation plan into action.

First things first, we needed to buy a double bunk bed, and after a little time spent bed window shopping one Saturday (a while back), Chantelle and I both agreed on a beautiful, kid friendly (i.e. low) double bunk bed sourced from Bed Zone at the Somerset Decor Centre. (The same place that we bought our queen sized bed a couple of years ago, albeit now with a new name). All in all, the purchase set us back R4,300, which is broken down into R2,800 for the actual bunk bed, R1,400 for the two foam mattresses, and a paltry R100 for delivery and setup.


Chantelle donated the cot (and a lot of baby toys, plushies and loads of kids clothing as well!), meaning that Emily’s old room (aka my old office) is now the dedicated toy/play room.

A trip to Mr Price Home ensured that we now had new matching bedding and a couple of cute decor finishes, with the end result making for two VERY excited little girls – both of whom are convinced that being on top is by far the most fun!


The girls are loving the new setup and so far have taken to the new sleeping arrangement like ducks to water.


Which is good, because we love the new look girls room too!

New Colours for the Girls’ Room and the Braai Room (2016-05-18) My Life 24 MAY 2016

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts was hard at work transforming two of the rooms in our house, namely Jessica’s room (which is now Jessica and Emily’s room) as well as the Braai/Dining/Office room (which in its previous life was a garage).

Chantelle planned and orchestrated this whole thing, picking out the colours of Garnet and Safari Tan for her Dining Room transformation, while going for the more traditional pink and purple for the girls’ room.


Oh, and don’t forget the stripes!

The process was more messy than what I might have liked, but you certainly can’t fault the end result. After lots of hours, a few battles with paint not covering a wall, and loads of masking tape, the two rooms are looking rather fetching indeed!


Money well spent I reckon!

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Jaw-dropping Kiev Attractions!
[Unclassified] 23 MAY 2016

A few sights from Kiev guaranteed to leave you with your mouth wide-open! (Guest post courtesy of Sandra J. Hayward)

1) The landscape alley

This place is the one where you will get back to your childhood. Alice in the Wonderland, Slavic folk fairy tales, and much more ideas and characters that are used in this secret corner of the old city. This place is in the heart of the city with its finished sculptures of the two angels sitting on the pillows, the Tigers, that can fly, Alice from “Alice in the Wonderland”, the fountain and even more! The French center “presented” the sculpture “The Little Prince”.

The landscape alley is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Kiev people and of tourists as well. It offers a magnificent panorama of the ancient Podol.

This territory belongs to the historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Kiev” which is under the patronage of UNESCO. Because of this, this architectural splendor has a cultural, historical and archaeological value. You will be completely fascinated!

landscape alley kiev

2) Mystetskyi Arsenal

If you are fond of the art in all of its aspects you are definitely destined to visit Mystetskyi Arsenal! This museum complex is planned as the largest museum and exhibition place in Kiev and Ukraine. It is situated in the building of Old Arsenal which is a distinguished monument of history and fortification of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries. Officially opened August 23, 2009, now the Arsenal holds regular exhibitions of various content objects that are exhibited from all museums in Ukraine, organizes various art fairs, book festivals and more!

Mystetskyi Arsenal kiev

3) Feofania Park

Feofania is the park that represents a landscape art. It is one of the most beautiful places in Kiev (in the southern part of the capital of Ukraine). On its territory there are the park with unique plants, lakes complex, alpine slides, beautiful alley, the Temple of St.Panteleimon, and even healing holy spring.

The park obtains professional architects on landscape design, so every year this place gets better and more beautiful. You may have a picnic there or just a nice and calm walk.

Feofania Park kiev

4) Take an unforgettable boat tour along the Dnieper river

This is one of the most popular forms of recreation. The history of the boat trips began long before the revolution of 1917 and has not lost its relevance up to this day.

Every year the river routes acquire new species and landscapes. A lot of companies will offer you comfortable river boats for a tour along the Dnieper that will take you to the island “Velikyi” or the Kiev reservoir. Have fun and breathe deeper with a fresh river air.

dnieper river kiev

5) Water park in the mall “Dream Town”

Summer may last all the year round. The water park is a clear confirmation of the above-mentioned. For a small amount of money at any time of the year, you can not just plunge into the cool water, but also return back to your childhood. Indeed, where else as not in the water park, you get the opportunity to ride a water slide, raising clouds of spray and squealing happily? Here you get the feeling of total happiness.

This is the largest indoor water park in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. One of the undoubted advantages of this place is its accessibility. The waterpark is located in Obolon district, between metro stations “Minska” and “Geroiv Dnipra” Here you can enjoy the extreme water slides, pools, hot tub, various attractions like spas, bars, and restaurants.

water park kiev

Indulge yourself in the world of Kiev culture and pastime!

Guest Post by: Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.

Things to See in South Africa: Cape Hermes Lighthouse in Port St. Johns Travel Attractions 23 MAY 2016

A lighthouse with a view would certainly be one way of describing the Cape Hermes Lighthouse in Port St. Johns on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape.

cape hermes lighthouse port st johns eastern cape south africa 1

Commissioned in 1902 and switched on in 1904, the lighthouse was constructed under the direction of HC Cooper and is named after the HMS Hermes, a ship that undertook national surveys of the Pondoland coastal waters.

cape hermes lighthouse port st johns eastern cape south africa 2

Costing little more that £6,191 to construct, the lighthouse tower is unusual in that it is an octagonal stone construction – with the granite used coming in from nearby quarries. This eight sided tower is only 13 metres tall, topped with a white lantern gallery that has a focal plane of 55 m and a 5,000 candle power beam, which can be seen as far as 20 km out to sea.

cape hermes lighthouse port st johns eastern cape south africa 3

Still manned by a lighthouse keeper, the Cape Hermes Lighthouse flashes once every three seconds, warning ships of the hazardous Eastern Cape coastline. With panoramic views of the ocean, river mouth, and lush cliff faces, this is definitely a sight worth the walk.

cape hermes lighthouse port st johns eastern cape south africa 4

cape hermes lighthouse port st johns eastern cape south africa 5

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Things to See in South Africa: Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town Travel Attractions 22 MAY 2016

Completed and dedicated in 1912, the imposing granite Rhodes Memorial sits on Devil’s Peak overlooking Cape Town, a memorial to the English-born South African politician Cecil John Rhodes.

rhodes memorial on devil's peak in cape town south africa 1

Designed by famed architect Sir Herbert Baker, the memorial is situated at Rhodes’s favourite spot on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak – in fact, Rhodes’s own wooden bench is still situated below the memorial (which makes sense considering that he own most of the land making up the lower slopes of Table Mountain!). The site faces north-east, which one can easily imagine as marking the start of the Cape to Cairo road, Rhodes’s championed imperial dream of a British colonial Africa.

rhodes memorial on devil's peak in cape town south africa 3

Built mostly of Cape granite quarried on Table Mountain, the memorial consists of a massive staircase with 49 steps (one for each year of Rhodes’s life) leading from a semi-circular terrace up to a rectangular U-shaped monument formed of pillars.

At the bottom of the steps is a bronze statue of a horseman, Physical Energy by George Frederic Watts. Eight bronze lions by John Macallan Swan flank the steps leading up to the memorial, with a bust of Rhodes completing the installation.

rhodes memorial on devil's peak in cape town south africa 2

The inscription on the monument is “To the spirit and life work of Cecil John Rhodes who loved and served South Africa”. Also inscribed, below the bust of Rhodes, are the last four lines of the last stanza from the 1902 poem Burial by Rudyard Kipling in honour of Rhodes:

The immense and brooding spirit still
Shall quicken and control.
Living he was the land, and dead,
His soul shall be her soul!

rhodes memorial on devil's peak in cape town south africa 4

Today the memorial is part of the Table Mountain National Park. It sports a well-known tea room, making it a popular viewpoint and picnicking spot. It also marks the starting point for a number of walks and hikes on Devil’s Peak.

rhodes memorial on devil's peak in cape town south africa 5

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Things to See in South Africa: The Honoured Dead Memorial in Kimberley Travel Attractions 21 MAY 2016

The Honoured Dead Memorial stands at the meeting point of five roads, commemorating those who died defending the city of Kimberley against the Boers during the Siege of Kimberley in the Anglo-Boer War.

the honoured dead memorial in kimberley, northern cape, south africa 1

This sobering war memorial, inspired by the Nereid Monument at Xanthos and designed by the famed Sir Herbert Baker on commission from Cecil John Rhodes, was unveiled in 1904.

the honoured dead memorial in kimberley, northern cape, south africa 3

It is listed as a provincial heritage site in Kimberley (Northern Cape), and is primarily built of sandstone quarried in from the Matopo Hills in Zimbabwe. The memorial serves as a tomb for 27 soldiers, and features the inscription (by Rudyard Kipling):

This for a charge to our children in sign of the price we paid. The Price we paid for the freedom that comes unsoiled to your hand. Read, revere and uncover for here are the victors laid. They that died for the city being sons of the land.

the honoured dead memorial in kimberley, northern cape, south africa 2

Standing at the base of the memorial is the Long Cecil gun, pointed at the Free State and surrounded by shells from the Boers’ Long Tom guns.

the honoured dead memorial in kimberley, northern cape, south africa 4

the honoured dead memorial in kimberley, northern cape, south africa 5

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A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Dining and the Girls’ Rooms My Life 20 MAY 2016

Chantelle is currently enjoying some leave, and as such has finally gotten around to one of her long dormant pet projects – beautifying our home. With this in mind, she roped in Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts, and before long, mysterious spots of different colors started appearing in Jessica’s room and the Dining/Braai/Office room.

I then blinked twice and there all of a sudden was Kaylan, painting our wall red!

IMG_20160517_123433 kaylan from creative designs all sorts painting our braai room wall red

Well that’s not strictly true. I did have to help Chantelle remove all shelves from the walls, plugs the holes and prep the rooms for painting – not to mention shuffle all the furniture and toys around so that there was at least space to paint.

Chantelle’s got big plans for the house in general, but for now we’re starting small. The dining room and jessica’s room, the first becoming a nice safari tan with a garnet focus wall, the latter turning candy pink complete with a pink and purple striped focus wall.

Oh, and we’ve sold Jessica’s bed, clearing way for the purchase of a new bunk bed – yes, whether they like it or not, the two girls are about to become roomies!

The end result is going to look amazing…

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A Birthday Rainbow Cake Surprise (2016-05-15) Photo Gallery 19 MAY 2016

On Sunday we enjoyed a brilliant braai at the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, welcoming back Rob and Tarryn who had just returned from their 3 week long honeymoon holiday in Thailand! It was brilliant to hear all about the sights and sounds that they had encountered, leaving both Chantelle and myself super jealous in the process!

IMG_20160515_162552 birthday rainbow cake from the velvet cake co

The best part of the day was however dessert time, when out of the blue, Chantelle came strolling out carrying a rainbow cake of all things! What I didn’t know was that it was a surprise cake for me in celebration of my birthday that had fallen earlier in the week, which meant that I got the Full Monty in terms of having Happy Birthday sung to me and blowing out the candles (which of course, Jessica did on my behalf).

I love rainbow cakes in general – how can one not like this happy clappy cake! – and this particular one from The Velvet Cake Co. (situated in Rosenpark, Bellville) was delicious, tasting as good as what it looks!

What a nice Sunday surprise.

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Ugh. Back to Cutting the Lawn I Guess My Life 18 MAY 2016

One of the few advantages that arose out of not being able to properly walk for a very long time was the fact that I had an excuse not to mow my lawn myself, with the end result being a lawn that was quite long and lush – until the dry summer properly stepped in of course!

Mind you, it’s back to being long and lush now though… Exhibit A:

IMG_20160211_103633 lawnmower behind very long grass in gordon's bay

In the past I have used garden services to do my grass cutting for me, but stopped doing that once it seemed that using them was introducing more weeds into my lawn than normal.

I used to also use the complex’s gardener to every now and then step in, but the two of us always had difficulty in understanding one another (language barrier), so eventually I gave up on that idea too.

Chantelle did it once (maybe twice) during this my ‘disabled’ period (and did a fine job of it too mind you), but sadly, now that I’m back on my feet, it’s time for me to take over the lawnmower’s reigns once more.


I’m really not fond of cutting the grass.

Simple way to Backup Files from an Ubuntu Server to Amazon S3 Cloud Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 17 MAY 2016

You can never have too many backups, and this is a simple way of backing up files from an Ubuntu server to the Amazon S3 cloud storage system.


For this, you will obviously need an Ubuntu server, an Internet connection, and of course, an Amazon AWS account.

First things first, you’ll need to generate Amazon AWS access keys, which you do from the AWS Security Credentials page (Access Keys section) in the AWS console.

Write these (both the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) down somewhere safe, because you definitely don’t want to be losing them unnecessarily. (Maybe a Google Doc might be a good idea here?)

Now head over to the S3 Management page in the AWS console, where you will need to create the new bucket (or folder in an existing bucket) where you want to store your backed up files in.

With your bucket created, and your access details at hand, head into your Ubuntu server and install the super useful Amazon S3 targeted s3cmd package:

sudo apt-get install s3cmd

Next configure it by entering the requested information (your Access Key details will be needed here). Note, you do have the option to encrypt the files in transit, and if you choose to do so, it is probably worth your while to jot down the password in that previously mentioned Google Docs file of yours!

s3cmd --configure

Run the connection test and if everything passes, you should be good to go. You can check your current buckets by doing a directory listing with s3cmd:

s3cmd ls

You are pretty much just about there now. To do the file backup, we’ll use s3cmd’s built in sync command. To push files to Amazon S3, we declare the parameters in the order of local files then target directory. So for example, if we have a S3 bucket called server-backup, and want to back up our user account’s home directory to S3, the sync call would look like this:

s3cmd sync ~/* s3://server-backup

You can of course get all clever and target specific folders, exclude or include files and folders using wildcard characters, etc. (See the documentation for more). For example, here I exclude .svn folder files using:

s3cmd sync --exclude '*.svn' ~/* s3://server-backup

If you are happy with the sync result, then all that is left is to throw the command into a short bash file, give it execute rights and add it to the cron scheduled tasks system. So for example, create the file

nano /home/craiglotter/

Add this text:

s3cmd sync /home/craiglotter/* s3://server-backup/craiglotter/

Save, and make the file executable:

chmod +x ~/

Finally, add it to the cron in the usual manner. Open the crontab for editing:

crontab -e

Add the following line for a daily backup at 07:00 in the morning.

0 7 * * * bash /home/craiglotter/ >/dev/null 2>&1


Walking again thanks to Physiotherapy and Biokinetics My Life 16 MAY 2016

It has taken a long time to reach this point, but finally I’m walking about properly again, and it is all thanks to the combination of a brilliant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Physiotherapy, and last but not least, Biokinetics!

IMG_20160331_125947 22 st. james street somerset west marinda bruwer biokinetics

As I previously mentioned, the brilliant Dr. Peter Hardcastle was the surgeon that repaired the ruptured tendon, and then had me confined to a fixed leg brace for the longest of times.

Once he was happy that we had reached a particular point, he introduced me to physiotherapist Carolise Botha, who got me to slowly but surely regain movement in my leg.

That process lasted quite a while, and once Carolise was happy that the first stages of rehabilitation were complete, she then set me up with biokinetics specialist Marinda Bruwer – also based at the 22 St. James Street in Somerset West address.

Together with Sarah Arnold (Marinda’s intern who I worked with most), the two of them slowly got me back to a functional walking state – which essentially translates into lots and lots of carefully thought out, targeted muscle strengthening exercise.

The results have paid off, and six months after the injury, I’m up and walking again, taking on stairs and even milling about a mountain or two when the opportunity arises.

Which is just as well. I’ll need my full mobility for July’s upcoming business trip to Anaheim, USA!

craig lotter selfie at paardevlei farmers market

(And yes. I now evangelize Biokinetics in case you are wondering – it’s brilliant!)

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Birthday Supper with the Girls at Sunset Bay Spur (2016-05-11) Photo Gallery 15 MAY 2016

I turned 36 on Wednesday, and spent the first half of the day with Chantelle up on Table Mountain, taking advantage of the cableway’s free birthday ride offer. The latter part of the day I spent with my two girls, heading out to Sunset Bay Spur, because well, kids love Spur’s play areas.

IMG_20160511_174631 teddy, emily and jessica lotter at sunset bay spur in gordon's bay

Sunset Bay Spur does of course have that fabulous beach view, so I didn’t mind too much being left alone with Teddy and my Savanna Dry for the odd now and then, but for the most part the girls chose to hang out with me – with plenty of colouring in and milkshake swigging taking place.

IMG_20160511_173859 savanna dry at sunset bay spur in gordon's bay

Spur food is Spur food (in other words, I’m not really a fan), but the girls had a ball playing and occasionally eating, meaning that the trip was totally worth it – even if Jess forgot her part and totall didn’t tell the waiters that it was my birthday.

Sigh, I was looking forward to that sparkler.

Oh, and of course, one milkshake was dropped, and two bouts of tears had to be dealt with – Emily over her milkshake, and Jessica who walked into the slide forehead first!

Perhaps next time I should invite an adult along…

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Table Mountain Cableway Birthday Trip (2016-05-11) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 14 MAY 2016

The popular Table Mountain Aerial Cableway company gives South Africans a free cable car ride on their birthday, and although I’ve unsuccessfully tried to take advantage of the offer before in the past, this was the first year where I’ve finally been able to go up the mountain on my birthday – and what a great trip it was!

IMG_20160511_120025 craig lotter grinning like an idiot on my table mountain cableway birthday trip

Traditionally, Touchwork gives us the day off on our birthday, and so roping Chantelle along (she was working an afternoon shift on the day), we dropped the kids off and then headed out to Cape Town, with the trip through to the mountain going surprisingly fast (we were expecting loads more traffic).

The mountain itself was however a different story – despite it being a Wednesday morning, there were loads of tourist buses dropping people off, and after eventually finding a spot to park (behind a bus), Chantelle and I strolled down to the Lower Cableway Station and joined the queue – a waiting process that would last a good hour and a half in the end!

IMG_20160511_113856 cable car leaving the station on my table mountain cableway birthday trip

Eventually, our turn to board the Visa branded cable car arrived, and with each and every ticket scanner having happily proclaimed “Happy Birthday Craig” as we passed through, I climbed into the car grinning like a complete idiot.

This was my first time ever using the revolving cars (the last time I took the cable car was back as a kid – I’m reasonably sure of this), and I have to say, gimmick or not, I quite enjoyed this little trick up the rather impressive cart’s sleeve.

(That said, the cable car ride itself is of course ridiculously short, so there isn’t all that much time to admire things, revolving or not – so completely unlike 2014’s longer and thus slightly more enjoyable ropeway ascension in Komagatake that I did with Ryan.)

IMG_20160511_131216 mountain binoculars on my table mountain cableway birthday trip

As luck would have it, it was an absolutely beautiful day at the top of the mountain, sunny skies, no wind, minimal cloud cover and thus great visibility – meaning that one could take their sweet time strolling around the tourist paths and admiring all the stunning views at whatever pace suited them best.

(It’s been a while since I’ve been up the mountain, and although ascending the mountain in this manner and this particular tourist friendly part of the mountain is not the greatest, it still remains a pretty awesome experience in terms of sights to be had!)

IMG_20160511_123032 view outside table mountain cafe restaurant on my table mountain cableway birthday trip

Chantelle was pretty keen (read: hungry) on eating something, so we headed over to the Table Mountain Cafe, ordered what on the menu reads “Ostrich Subs”, but is in reality a ostrich boerewors roll, and grabbed one of the outdoor tables that were open – quite surprising considering the amount of tourists milling about on the top!

IMG_20160511_125542 tourists with a view on my table mountain cableway birthday trip

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend too long up on the mountain because unlike me, Chantelle actually needed to go into work, but I was fortunate enough to catch two dueling birds of prey before going down – which I thought was a pretty good birthday present to myself!

The cable car ride down was smooth (with our enjoyable cable car ‘conductor’ putting on a great show in the process), and finally, the drive back to Gordon’s Bay went without incident.

In other words, it was a pretty good birthday outing!

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