Review: Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007)

MrBeansHolidayMr Bean’s Holiday – All I can say is WHAT a way to finish off the Mr Bean legacy. The first movie, a bastardised Americanised version of this much loved character left a bad taste in the mouth and should quite frankly be quickly forgotten on some dark mouldy shelf at your local video store which is on the verge of bankruptcy. This new movie however is completely the opposite of that debacle. Brilliantly true to the Mr Bean spirit and story-telling made famous in his many TV appearances, Mr Bean’s Holiday will keep you in stitches throughout the movie.

The story revolves around a holiday Bean wins which takes him on a journey to Cannes, France. Of course, this is Mr Bean we are talking about, meaning nothing is going to run quite so smoothly. Unintentionally separating a boy from his father, Mr Bean takes it upon himself to get the lad back to his dad – unfortunately its just that the whole country thinks he’s one dastardly kidnapper. Plus there’s the French cuisine to deal with, vicious baguette machines, World War II re-enactments, a French wannabe actress and an American director who quite frankly thinks just a little bit too much of himself (played in a hilariously funny tone by the normally serious and dour Willem Dafoe).

If you’re a fan of the character at all, then this movie is definitely for you. And if youre not a fan then too bad, I’m too busy laughing to care :)

P.S. Even Bean’s classic Mini Cooper reprises its famous role, sliding bolt and all!

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