*sigh* Work Day Blues General Nonsense 06 JUN 2007

Office ChairMan, I’m in trouble. This past week my work has suffered tremendously and it is all because of this damn lack of motivation that hits me the minute I sit down in my office chair. I usually boast a job turnaround time of maximum one working day, but at the moment I’m sitting with job requests more than a week old already and I still don’t feel like doing them. My inbox that usually sits with less than 3 messages in it is sitting with well over 20 at the moment if you think this is stupid, the way I operate is I get all work requests via email I do the job and then delete the email, thus tracking how much work is needed at any point in time.

Perhaps it is a case of just finally having gotten completely and utterly tired of the mundane aspect to my work. Or perhaps it is the complete freedom to do what I want when I want in terms of work that has finally scuttled my ability to urge myself to get the work done on time. In any event, I’m in big trouble unless I can pull myself out of this slump. Not even the prospects of fresh choc chip muffins are helping.

*sigh* And my performance rating meeting is tomorrow too. I think I’m gonna bugger off home now

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