Auto-Redirect Complete – A Couple of Years Late though! Software & Sites 30 JUL 2007

UCT LogoI’ve been running/maintaining the Commerce faculty website for a good 5 or 6 years now and it is finally reaching a point where my own laziness towards the site is beginning to amaze me.

Because I’ve finally becoming to lazy to use the mouse to browse to the particular departmental courses I need to get to on the site (it currently takes two clicks – from the homepage click on ‘Browse Course Sites’ and then click on the relevant course link), I’ve finally implemented an auto-redirect system which really should have been done years ago.

And it took me exactly 5 minutes to rush through this morning, using a mere 29 lines of verbose coding (i.e. ‘if – then’ and ‘end if’ lines all appear in a new line).

So now the site accepts all valid course code shortcuts and attempts to redirect you straight to the site, e.g. will dump you directly on the ECO2008S website, just as would dump you on the ACC1006S website.

Nifty I know :)

Hint to all webmasters maintaining multiple sites under a single umbrella site – standardisation will make your life so easy, trust me.

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