Students and Fire don’t Mix General Nonsense 10 AUG 2007

stellenbosch res eendrag on fireStudents, note that this is why there are strict rules about bringing in microwave ovens or stoves into a residence. Disasters like this happen:

Eendrag, one of Stellenbosch’s oldest residences had it’s entire top floor gutted by a huge fire that started yesterday morning. Extensive damage has been done to the residence building, and although there are no fatalities reported, one or two serious injuries are known to have occurred.

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I’m betting it was a drunk student who had just woken up with a major hangover who then accidentally bumped over a half-empty bottle of Tassies onto an open gas flame stemming from their lighter that was trying to light their cigarette/joint, all while they were hopefully trying to deep fry some chips – everyone knows res food is bad. Unfortunately their crisp, dry and very flammable textbooks just happened to be lying close by.

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