Final Fantasy X 2This weekend was bound to be a little quieter as Chantelle was working again, meaning I get to entertain myself the whole weekend long. Half day Friday at work flashed past as always, letting me off the hook nice and early on such a beautiful summers day. I went for an enjoyable jog at gym (funnily enough my right knee gave me trouble this time around – instead of my recovering left knee which isnt all that great news) and then headed out to Merkabas place to check out his new Xbox 360 gaming rig.

I’m quite impressed at what Merkaba had to show, especially all the online community features that Microsoft has brought to the table (even if we don’t officially have access to it in South Africa). He and I then hit the road to go game shopping at Tygervalley and also check out all the cool figurines at the Figure-Fanatix store. We both came back empty-handed for a change though, but we did have a good McDonalds lunch where we caught up a bit and chatted about all the latest crazes in the gaming world.

Friday evening I took the evening for myself, spoiling myself with a nice greasy fish and chips supper from our perennial favourite, Stikland Fisheries. I spent most of the evening switching back and forth between watching anime and playing Final Fantasy and Burnout Revenge. Oh, and chasing pigeons off the balcony of course. Chatted a bit with Chantelle as well, before heading to the sack for a nice early nights rest (23:00 in case you wonder what early in my book is).

Seeing as the gym was closed Saturday morning, I had the perfect excuse to sleep in however, the noisy pigeons in a revenge attack saw that this was not to be the case and I spent much of the morning throwing things at the bastards. Currently the scorecard reads Pigeons 123 Craig 0. I’m thinking I need an air gun or a catapult or something vicious along those lines!

I was nice and productive in the morning, going out shopping (I finally replaced my flats tea stocks the current boxes on my shelf read: Rooibos, expires 12.12.2005; Five Roses, expires 22.01.2006. For some reason Chantelle refuses to drink these) and even making it to the bank to bank my lovely R2 000 cheque for my small ICIS website :)

I also managed to squeeze in a copious amount of Burnout Revenge again. I must say the race sections have definitely become easier this time round, particularly now that the rubberband AI acts both for and against you instead of just against you as it did back in Burnout 3. Oh, I even managed to spoil myself for lunch again by making some delicious pancakes I’ve been hungering for them for weeks now!

I got a nice surprise call from Game as well, letting me know that my DVD system is ready for collection. After making VERY sure that it was in fact sitting with them, ready to be picked up, I headed out as quick as humanly possible to make the collection. I collected my box and even bumped into Claire and Ryan who were there for a little shopping. Abducting Ryan, we escaped from Tygervalley (made a quick stop to buy a knee brace) and went to Moms place where I set about testing the swimming pools temperature Perfect stuff!

My plans to go through to Gordons Bay in the evening fell through thanks to the amount of work Chantelle has with a just about full house (and I didnt want to sit on my own entertaining her guests anyway), so I invited Merkaba over for a bit of a gaming session. Unfortunately he bailed on me as well, so I was again left to my own devices, stuffing in a copious amount of Final Fantasy hours once more :)

Sunday morning I again held a pitched battle with the pigeons, failing to dislodge them once again. Gaming and anime watching abounded, with me finally taking a break to go for a quick visit with my Mom and Pops. By the evening things had quieted down at the Gordons Lodge guesthouse enough to make my travelling through for a visit feasible, which I duly did and enjoyed a nice relaxed evening of scrabble and leftovers supper with Chantelle. Actually, the Scrabble went down well (I haven’t played it in years), and much to my surprise, Chantelle even managed to come out on top, a position I am far more used to being in!

After a late night coffee, I hit the road back to Bellville, drawing to a close what has been a wonderfully self-indulgent weekend. Ah, bliss :)