Congrats Iradney! General Nonsense 23 NOV 2007

lenore retiefSeeing as Mr Storbeck saw his name in lights and I posted it (back in post {0386}), I’d better submit this quickfire post then as the ever delightful Ms Iradney has just let me know that her moment of fame has also arrived, this time on the fairly well read iAfrica food column: Henrie’s Hotch Potch.

So without further ado, here’s the link to her moment of fame!


Double-decker chocolate torte

Over the years regulars who never miss my weekly update of the Henrie’s Hotch Potch column have kept me going by sending me some of their personal favourite recipes ? recipes that have been in the same family for many years, and recipes they have begged, borrowed or stolen.

And I treasure them, because they invariably turn out to be wonderful.

Today’s recipe was sent to me recently by Lenore Retief. Once I tried it, I was hooked. What’s more, it’s absolutely perfect for the big days ahead.

The ingredients are straightforward and it’s not at all difficult to make, so thank you Lenore for sharing it with us…”

Fame at last! :)

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