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DM Departure Do My Life 24 JAN 2008

DepartureLast night saw Chantelle and I drove through to Damen and Michelle’s place in Durbanville in order to attend their final …farewell’ little get-together before they get the heck out of this country on a Qatar flight next week. Yes, the sunny skies of South Africa is about to say goodbye to yet another South African couple while the gloomy old glum England gets to welcome yet another foreign addition to its work force.

As always, the get-together was pretty laid back, with the usual crowd of Karl, Pat, Wayne, Candice, Damen, Michelle, Chantelle and I present, and we pretty much sat around the table munching on a delicious selection of snacks and chatting the evening away. It was kind of funny to see how excited and already involved in preparations Candice is over her wedding which is well over a year away, and I guess it must be true what they say – this event is one of the biggest moments ever for any woman! (The other being receiving a Platinum credit card with unlimited credit and funded by a wealthy husband or benefactor of course).

The rest of the gang are all doing well it would seem and even though I had to turn down Karl’s inquiry about me joining them in a …kloofing’ run on account over worries about my knee, I did manage to talk him into getting hold of Jeremy so that we can resume our hostilities over a round of FIFA 08 again. Oh and maybe squash in a game of squash while we are at it!

I am kind of nervous on Damen and Michelle’s behalf, simply because of the way in which they have approached this whole move. They are pretty much flying in blind, with no fixed place to stay nor any job offers or options at all. Basically they are going there and hoping for the best – or a lucky break at least. I would be terrified to do something like that – I need way too many assurances and security in my life thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I am certain things will work out for the two of them and that before long we will be hearing how they are rolling in cash and having an absolute blast in Europe. So both Chantelle and I are holding thumbs for the two of you, buddies – Good luck and God bless!

And thanks to Facebook and Skype, keep in touch!

Ignoring is not Bliss General Nonsense 24 JAN 2008

SnarlThere are a lot of things that annoys a person – that is just how life is. Everyone has something that gets their backs up or makes them clench their teeth in uncontrollable rage. And of course there are the little things that just serve to piss you off.

Like a person flat out ignoring a question you ask simply because they don’t want to give you an answer. Instead of a simple yes or no, they simply pretend they haven’t heard or seen your question, regardless of how many times you have asked it and then change the topic hoping you won’t notice.

Of course I bloody well notice that you have ignored my question. And for f*ck sake, it pisses me off!

Have the decency to just give a yes, no or maybe. It isn’t that hard and will do me the world of good in that it saves my teeth from being ground down unnecessarily.

Thank you.