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Long Shot My Life 30 JAN 2008

Fifa07It has been a while since we have last done this, way back on 12 December 2007 to be more exact. Of course I’m talking about our four-man footy contest that sees Jeremy and Karl pit their skills against the far more experienced team of Ryan and me. Last night was in fact the second ever such get together and I can happily say that this was a far better scorefest than the first outing ever was – and it wasn’t just Ryan and I doing the scoring!

Seeing as Karl and Jeremy have been fervently practicing on FIFA 07 since our last encounter, we decided to downgrade the evening’s matchplay from FIFA 08 to FIFA 07. Actually, this is a pretty inspired move because it is a lot easier to score goals in FIFA 07 than what it is in FIFA 08, but at the same time the game retains all the fantastic improvements that the FIFA franchise incurred after the 06 version. Ryan and I are well versed in just about any version of the game anyway, so it made sense to switch back to 07 to give Karl and Jeremy more of a familiar footing.

The festivities started round 19:30 last night and after a copious amount of chips and cooldrink, we eventually called it a night just after 22:00. In that time we squeezed in quite a couple of 6 minutes a half games and for a change it was nice to see Jeremy and Karl hit the back of the net rather consistently. Definitely a major improvement since the last outing, they even managed to open the scoring in at least two of the games that I remember! (Neither Ryan nor I am proud of those moments. It feels… strange to be behind against Karl and Jeremy :P)

That said, despite building some tension in the first and the last games of the evening, they still have a long, long way to go before they can effectively challenge Ryan and me because damn, we were on fire! Through pass turned out to be our most dangerous weapon and we scored a huge tally of goals, usually totalling well over 20 shots on goal per game! I myself was in quite some form, hitting the net more often than not – in fact I think that by the end of the night my accuracy was even better than Ryan’s for a change!

We cranked out some glorious goals between the four of us and even though Jeremy and Karl failed to win a single game this time around, it is pretty obvious that next time around we aren’t going to have it quite as easy! Maybe next time if they play with someone other than England and perhaps stick to a strategy a little longer than two minutes then they may very well have something to celebrate about – unless of course I finish the chips before they can get to it.

So while Karl and Jeremy slink back to their lair for some more practice, I’m going to sit back and reflect on all my great moves and brilliant team choices based entirely on the colour of their kit (in fact, I got through all the primary colours in the end!) and then try to figure out how to beat Ryan in Burnout Revenge because he totally dusted me in that while we were waiting for the guys to arrive!

Of course, I am just not that sure how to properly cheat in Burnout just yet… (and unplugging Ryan’s controller doesn’t count either!)

Skinny Me My Life 30 JAN 2008

+- 2002 version of craigI thoroughly enjoyed the stitch-inducing Katabox class at gym last night and seeing as I am slowly but surely beginning to get my state of mind right regarding exercise, I though I might as well do this picture post because, …well everyone loves pictures.

And seeing as I like to complain every now and then about my weight and how I’d like to lose more of it and get a little fitness back in life, it is good to point out that there is in fact a limit to what I want to achieve. The reason? The first two photos of me below (probably around 3 or 4 years ago) are pretty good justification for not going overboard this time around. (The third photo is a recent shot to show the difference)

Back then I weighed in at a crazy 65kg, was as active as a jackrabbit and looked as scrawny and attractive as an anorexia sufferer in a beauty contest.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”31098,31096,31097″]

I think I like my meatier self a little more already! :D