My colleague Darryl can be one seriously nasty son-of-a-bitch sometimes, but only when it comes to the payback pranks he plays on the rest of us Commerce IT workers. Well okay, actually only Chris ever bears the brunt of these pranks, but like last time’s “monitor and keyboard completely covered in Post-It notes”, this week’s prank was a doozy.

Chris (aka Nur) made the horrible nOOb mistake of leaving his workstation unlocked when he went out on a call and oh, oh…Darryl was there to spot it. Darryl immediately got to work, changing Chris’ home page to some or other porn site, changing the keyboard language to Russian and then finally changing the mouse config to that of a left-handed mouse.

And for the coup d’état?

I got roped in to quickly (i.e. in less than a minute before Chris returned) craft a horror inducing error message on the next machine startup. So I came up with this:

virus prank dialog screen

Nifty, I know! :-3

As a little extra, if you want to mess with your colleagues, but don’t have the time or inclination to do anything elaborate, simply press ctrl+alt+(any arrow key) to flip Window’s screen orientation display depending which arrow key you press. You would be surprised at home many people turn their head to try and read the screen instead of trying to find out how to change it back! (which would be ctrl+alt+up in case you were wondering)