Entertaining Ourselves in GB… My Life 30 APR 2008

20080202_Dean_ZaniaYup, yup, yup. And you thought I was making it all up in my Weekend in Review post earlier this week, didn’t you? Well, linked below is irrefutable proof that I wasn’t.

Should you be brave enough to download the video clip and actually view it, you will learn for yourself to which depths we will sink for a little bit of entertainment here in far removed Gordon’s Bay…

  • 20080427 Passing The Ball – Click here (.MP4) (5.1 MB) (30/04/2008)

Guess there is nothing left to say now…

Edit: (Because I feel like it) This clip features in no particular order, Terrance (Flat on his face), Craig (Background), Zania (Overall winner), Dean (Last man standing), Retha (Second last woman standing), Claire (Already seated) and professionally voiced over by Ryan. The madness was captured by C (who must have been knocked out ages ago then)

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