Female SquashSo as I mentioned earlier on in the week, I went out and bought Chantelle a squash racquet and some court shoes with the intention of teaching her how to play squash and in the process try and kick start some kind routine where we regularly get to spend some time together on the squash court (especially seeing how our very own personal court just happens to be across the parking lot from us!).

I must say, I was genuinely pleased with our first outing to the squash court, where despite not having partaken in any sports at school, Chantelle actually turned out to have some ball skills after all. Although we have still got a long, long way to go, at least she knows how to hit a ball, and laugh as you might, I’ve worked with beginners who struggle with even that aspect of a racquet sport.

So I have high hopes for her at the moment and I can’t wait for us to get back onto the court and get this ball rolling. It is a fun bit of exercise which luckily Chantelle seems to thoroughly enjoy, making it double as much fun to get out there. Who knows, maybe in a couple of months time you might be reading how the unthinkable happened and Chantelle actually managed to beat me for once!

Hell, even Karl dreams of those days, because in our short period of playing together, he got to taste the sweet nectar of victory only a handful of times! :P

I would have added Ryan into this last sentence as well, if it wasn’t for the fact that for the last year or so, he has actually been beating me more often than not! Seems the younger brother has finally overtaken the older brother at last! That said, if we played now, I don’t think there is actually anyone that wouldn’t beat me in my current state, truth be told. Damn the easy life I currently live! :)