Cosplay: Black Lagoon (Revy) Cosplay 29 JUN 2008

As a person who is quite enthralled with the world of anime, manga, Asian martial arts and the Japanese culture in general, it would seem strange that I have as yet failed to include a single post on the worldwide phenomena that is cosplay.

Well, in an unashamed attempt at bolstering my Google-generated traffic, that is about to change, with my very first cosplay picture post, featuring the gun-wielding “Two Hands” Revy from Black Lagoon, an anime series that I have particularly enjoyed in the past.

For those of you who don’t know anything about cosplay, basically it is the act of creating your favourite character’s costume (with props) from the ground up, donning said costume, and then role-playing out in public for all to see and admire your geekiness and sewing/crafting skills. Funnily enough, it turns out that cosplaying is a hugely popular pastime across the entire globe and has slowly but surely branched out into as many new genres (like fantasy movies and games) as what people want to try. However despite all these new ventures in cosplay, cosplay will probably forever be best associated with the Japanese and their anime and game productions.

(And if you think this is all just fun and games, for some people cosplay takes on a far more competitive meaning, with huge international competitions being held every year!)

Anyway, back to the promised pictures of Revy in real life – the chick that combines sexy with gunpowder and is more likely to blow your head off than engage in conversation!

Revy from Black Lagoon

Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy1 Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy2 Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy3
You get the unchallenged
masters at this role-playing craft of cosplay…
…like Omi Gibson in
her Black Lagoon’s Revy get-up that shot her to instant Internet
Then you also get those
people who are genuinely not bad at all (like Omi’s friend in this
Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy4 Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy5 Cosplay Black Lagoon Revy6
And then of course, in
the world of cosplay you get those who try hard…
…and those who try
even harder.
And finally you get
those who should really just pick out better costumes to portray.

And if you think that you might be mistaken in thinking that these pictures are ranked suspiciously from sexy to unsexy, then you will be glad to know that you are in fact 100% correct. Unfortunately, as with everything involving women in life, success is tied in to appearance – hence the complete and utter lack of ‘Big Bertha’ costumes at any geek conventions.

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