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A Little Cash in Hand General Nonsense 21 JUL 2008

Cash in HandSo I did my good deed for the day/month/year. Seeing as varsity started in full swing this morning, I am once again relegated to parking on middle campus and walking up because I am to cheap to buy a parking disc which I would hardly ever use.

The drive into Cape Town was fine enough, but pulling through middle campus just after 06:00 am, I came across a middle-aged white guy gesturing madly for me to stop. Scoping the situation out, I decided that it would be okay to hear the guy out and so pulled up and enquired as to what was wrong.

The guy explained that his Opel had broken down further along the road and would it be okay if he used my phone to call someone to help him out. Seeing as I was a lot taller and bigger than him, I agreed to his request and listened in as the poor chap phoned three buddies to help him out, all three of which fell through (two of which was stuck with car problems themselves believe it or not).

So that avenue down the drain, the bloke then asked if I didn’t perhaps have some cash on me for the train as he wasn’t carrying any on him. It was at this point that I simply apologised, said I don’t carry cash on me and drove off again, leaving him to flag down the driver behind me, in the hopes that they would help him out.

Now obviously it was a little white lie because I probably did have some cash I could loan the guy, but it annoyed me that someone wouldn’t have any cash on them in the first place, particularly for emergencies like this which he had now obviously placed himself in.

Seriously though. Just leave a little bit of cash for when you might need it lying around. I don’t care, hide it in the cubby hole or put it in the boot, but I really don’t feel like hearing the excuse that you don’t have any cash on you when you obviously should have been thinking a little ahead in the first place.

Hmm. I wonder if any of his buddies did come help him out in the end then…?

Update: Chantelle has demanded that I re-word this post, because as she likes to point out, exactly what good deed did I do? Instead, I should call it my evil deed for the day/month/year. Oops, guess I really aren’t a nice person after all. Hopefully karma doesn’t bite too hard!

No Card to Stand On My Life 21 JUL 2008

Swipe Credit CardDespite the fact that Chantelle was NOT quite at her happiest with me on my return from work on Friday night, she couldn’t exactly say no to some supper at Bertie’s Moorings (especially since our TV was buggered), so off we twaddled to this quaint little family restaurant/bar sitting in Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay.

Bertie’s Mooring is famed for the live performances that it hosts there and we were disappointed to see on entry that Prime Circle had in fact performed there just the night before! Still, the ambiance as always was buzzing and despite it being such a beautiful wind still evening outside, we opted to sit inside, closer the to the blazing fire and out of reach from those chilly fingers that the night air was reaching out with.

Our waiter was friendly and efficient enough, and both Chantelle and I opted for seafood for a change, with her going for the calamari and chips while I went for my standard deep fried hake and chips. The food was excellent once again and we enjoyed a nice, intimate supper with just the two of us, interrupted only by the loud chatter all around us.

However, with our food all eaten and the supper done, things finally went a little pear-shaped when it came to paying the bill. Now these days I hardly ever carry cash in my wallet (unless eating out in a group when you have to do the inevitable ‘split the bill’ at the end), opting rather just to wildly swipe my debit card at will, close my eyes and pretend that things like bank charges don’t in fact exist.

But not tonight.

No, as my friendly and efficient waiter assured me, there would be no debit card swiping tonight.

Turns out that they had just changed their telephone number in the week, but had forgotten to change their card readers in the process, meaning that all bank card transactions were now offline, leaving more than a few bewildered diners and a lot of people taking the long walk along the pier to the hotel which thankfully hosts a small portable ATM inside.

Leaving Chantelle behind as collateral, I took said stroll down the pier, only once considering running off home but then stopping when realising that Chantelle held the keys, withdrew my cash and paid said smiling waiter.

Thankfully we were both in pretty good spirits at the time so this minor inconvenience was just that. Still, you would think they would at least have posted a sign up on the door or something – or at least changed ALL their numbers on time!