Food For Thought My Life 05 SEP 2008

Note to self. Contact Lenses are a must when working in the kitchen.

This morning I opened the door to a chorus of meows and squeaks, and proceeded to the kitchen where I placed the cats’ food bowls on top of the kitchen counter and threw their breakfast in for them.

Cat FoodNaturally cats were more than overjoyed at said pellets for breakfast.

However, I then followed this up by taking out a porridge bowl and throwing in my porridge in pretty much the same locale which I had used to throw the cats’ pellets in. Needless to say, I noticed that I had obviously messed some of the Chocobitz pieces on the counter and proceeded to scoop up the stray chocolate balls and place them into my porridge bowl.

Yes. Those chocolate balls WERE a little crunchier than what I had expected.

Damn pellets.

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