Cat FlapI woke up Saturday morning still feeling like shit and my head feeling like crap (as it ended up feeling for most of the weekend), but I still managed to drag myself out of bed early morning and faffed around, making the most of my Saturday morning entertainment-wise.

Saturday also happened to be Chantelle’s mom Cheryl’s birthday and as such Monty, Cheryl and Monty’s folks were coming through to Gordon’s Bay to spend the evening at the guesthouse – good timing if you consider that Chantelle was scheduled in for full weekend duty :)

However, before Monty could deliver his passengers safely to the guesthouse, he first needed to detour my way as we set about installing our brand spanking new, ultra cool little cat flap that we purchased last weekend. Now installing something like a cat flap sounds like a pretty simple job, and in hindsight it was, but a person has got to admit to feeling more than a little nervous when that jigsaw bites the first bit of the door out and you know there’s no turning back – either it works, or either you need to go out and buy a new door.

Thankfully for us though we ended up with something that worked, and something I think looks pretty neat and tidy. Olympus already has the hang of coming in and out through the cat flap, but little Coco looks like she might still need a while, despite the fact that I’ve just about thrown her through the door in order to try and get her to understand the concept a little better.

Of course, the fact that I’ve now learnt that our two little buggers enter the two flats above us to steal food via their cat flaps means that I have no sympathy for Coco – obviously our food isn’t good enough here to tempt them back into the flat in the first place! :)