40-Inch Envy My Life 20 OCT 2008

Sony BraviaHad quite a nice Sunday actually. Slept in nice and late. Went to the mall to buy Chantelle a game. Looked for a pet store out in Stellenbosch, only to discover said pet store after it had already closed for the day. Went for a relaxing drive out to Jonkershoek nature reserve. Had lunch under shady trees at the reserve while laughing at those weary souls returning from their morning hikes. Came home. Did karoke with Chantelle. Got a surprise visit from Mom and Dad…

And that’s where it all went pear shaped. Not the visit mind you, that was very nice as it always is. Dad treated us to some Debonairs and we spent the whole evening chatting and listening to The Eagles.

No, what did go wrong was the 40-inch envy that dad left me with.

Yup, first it was Karl with his massive wall of a television, and now dad has followed suit, splurging on a 40-inch Sony Bravia flatscreen TV. And seeing that Ryan has now seen just how awesome his Xbox 360 looks on the screen, I’m pretty sure that he is next in line.

Sigh, my teeny weeny little TV is feeling rather inadequate at the moment…

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