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Cyber12If you are looking for a great source for HTTP anime direct downloads, look no further than, confusingly found at – probably because someone at some point stole their domain right out from under them! Remember kiddies, protect your domain names with your life! :)

So why then?

Well, ignoring all their horrible adverts, including pop-up, pop-under and inline ads, they do upload quite a variety of anime series, both complete and on-going, as well as a fair bit of manga, OSTs and even some dorama.

What I like about them, as one of South Africa’s heavily oppressed, bandwidth-restricted Internet users, is Cyber12’s policy of uploading the fansubs in their original format as well as a compressed RMVB format, which means that I can get episodes that would normally be around 180 MB big for about 50 MB a shot – and in a perfectly acceptable and watchable state at that.

Cyber12 as such don’t actually host any of their own files though – all uploads are done using general file upload/download services like MegaUpload, iFile, MediaFire, RapidShare, etc., and you also usually get more than one mirror to choose from, meaning that you shouldn’t have any difficulty grabbing their files.

(And yes, I hear your argument that these upload/download sites are generally quite slow, but compared to your traditional Bittorrent distro sites, this isn’t such a horrible penalty to pay is it?)

So give them a spin if you are as anime hungry as what I am. Certainly worth a glance in my opinion.

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