Cosplay Sundae: May (Guilty Gear) Cosplay 04 JAN 2009

May Guilty Gear

Cosplay Sundae time again, and this time we journey to the land of fighting games with this lovely young lass dressed up as May (complete with giant ship’s anchor) from the Guilty Gear fighting game series.

May’s biography reads as such: A young, cute, and spunky member of the Jellyfish air pirates who is utterly dedicated to Johnny (the leader of the pirates as well as the man who raised her after her parents died). Japanese-born May’s first tournament appearance was in order to bail Johnny out of prison and subsequently each and every one of her appearances has been for the benefit of this pirate leader.

She also has an irrational fear of bald people and can sense them from a distance.

So balding middle-age perverts take heed – no chance of sneaking up on this cosplay fanatic then! ;)

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