Cosplay Sundae: Robin (Witch Hunter Robin) Cosplay 25 JAN 2009

Witch Hunter Robin

This week it is a character from one of my all time favourite anime series, Witch Hunter Robin, with our unknown cosplay lady mimicking none other than the titular character herself!

Yes, the costume might not be the most complex of costumes ever (any Goth should be able to pull this one off with no sweat), but I think she puts in a pretty damn good impersonation anyway.

For those of you not familiar with the character, Robin Sena is a soft-spoken 15 year old girl of mysterious origins with a pyrotechnic ability and who aids the STN-J, the Japanese branch of ‘SOLOMON’, whose primary task it is to take down modern day ‘witches’. However, Robin’s ever increasing power soon becomes more of a threat than a blessing and she too soon finds herself on the receiving end of STN-J’s hunters…

So if you’ve never caught this series before, make an effort – I promise it will be worth the hunt! :)

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