Cosplay Sundae: Kon and Rukia (Bleach) Cosplay 01 MAR 2009

Kon and Rukia

Ah ha, while cosplaying as Rukia, schoolgirl form, is as simple as donning a school uniform, cosplaying as Kon is an entirely different kettle of fish, on par with whipping out your local gridiron mascot uniform if you must!

Kon is the lovable, perverted comic foil in Bleach, the hugely popular Tite Kubo anime smash hit that currently, alongside Naruto of course, pretty much controls Western anime fans’ viewing patterns.

Kon is a ‘modified soul’, an engineered ‘fake soul’ that doesn’t have a host body and is typically used by Shinigami to take over their real world bodies when they need to move over into astral form. Kon however seems to have taken on a personality all of his own, and currently inhabits his ‘sexy body’ lion plushy form for the most part while Ichigo gallivants about elsewhere.

And what do you know, with all the attention he’s receiving from the swooning female population, this body of his must be working! :D

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