Chantelle Retha

Ah, a flame bait post then. You see, come November I’m going to be R400 richer. Why you might ask? Well Retha and Chantelle have foolishly opted to include me in their little bet (place last Saturday night as everyone was leaving our little shindig), with a kitty worth the grand total of R600. The winning goal? To lose the most weight/centimetres before the big wedding event come November the 7th.

Honestly don’t know how those two gals think they’re gonna win?

Instead of just against one another as originally planned, they now find themselves up against a man who gyms every weekday morning, trains karate every Monday and Wednesday evening, does Katabox at the gym every Thursday evening and who for the most part, has a gym session after work every Tuesday and Friday evening.


Now tell me how you guys are going to beat that! The kitty is as good as mine I tell you!

Here kitty kitty… :P