Search Engine URL Submits CodeUnit 08 MAY 2009

GoogleNow if you’ve got a new site up and running but which unfortunately isn’t linked to by anything else out there on the web, then unfortunately chances are pretty high that the major search engine spiders simply will never find you in the great big Interwebz.

So to simplify the matter (and to go against everything that SEO gurus always urge), simply tap on the search engines’ window and announce yourself:

– Google:
– MSN:
– Cuil: … crawl%20me

Don’t expect them to get back to you right away though, but at least they now know where to look. Of course, the best thing to do still is get someone else on the web to link back to your site though – at least then you’ll look like you have some authentic web cred! :)

(And yes I know, I’ve mentioned submitting stuff to Google’s search index before. So, what are you going to do about it? After all, I just wanted to expand on the number of links I’m handing out! :P)

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