Cosplay Sundae: Caitlin Fairchild (Gen 13) Cosplay 24 MAY 2009

Gen 13 Caitlin Fairchild

Gen 13 Caitlin Fairchild1Okay so today’s dress up entry isn’t strictly of your common cosplay fan, but is instead Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, the stick thin Canadian ‘Glamour’ model with a fetish for latex and who just happens to possesses an ungodly big set of fake soccer balls which she proudly displays on her chest. That said, she did a pretty damn fine Caitlin Fairchild of Gen 13 fame impersonation, courtesy of photographer Gil Perron, and thus makes a perfect addition to our weekly Cosplay Sundae insert.

For those of you not familiar with the Gen 13 universe, this fictional teen superhero team used to be one of the premier Wildstorm titles under the Image Comics banner, originally scripted by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi and illustrated by J. Scott Campbell.

Being the most mature and level-headed of the bunch, Caitlin Fairchild is the field leader of the Gen 13 team as well as the acting ‘brains of the group’, being extremely intelligent and a fairly thoughtful person. On top of that, her gen-factor allows her to increase her mass and muscle density at will, allowing her to grow exponentially which in turn gives her incredible strength and durability as well as increased stamina and agility.

That said, I’m not quite sure how Marie-Claude’s latex suit would hold up against a sudden growth burst? (Though it does seem to have handled the exploding bust quite nicely…)

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