Cosplay Sundae: Cain Nightroad (Trinity Blood) Cosplay 07 JUN 2009

Cain Nightroad

Today’s frankly brilliant cosplay costume (by this unknown cosplayer) is that of Cain Nightroad from the fairly popular (well at least for cosplayers) Trinity Blood franchise, whose associated anime series saw the light of day way back in 2005 already.

A member of the The Rosenkreuz Orden, Cain is the oldest of the so called ‘Test Tube Babies’, and is essentially Abel’s elder twin. Once a gentle, beloved leader of the Mars Colonization Project, an unfortunate accident lead to his death and then subsequent resurrection after Seth injected him with the fabled Crusnik nanomachines in order to bring him back to life. Unfortunately the side effect of this ‘treatment’ was the insanity that overtook this once brilliant man and a series of tragic events later, we now stand at a point where his only goal appears to be the utter destruction of humanity and the world itself.

All hail the Contra Mundi then…

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