Cosplay Sundae: Fay D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) Cosplay 14 JUN 2009

Fay D Flourite

Fay D Flourite1CLAMP’s thoroughly enjoyable Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle series has been a phenomenal hit for the famed mangaka group, taking many of their well known characters from across their works and forcing them all into a single, complex and utterly enthralling story that simply keeps you spellbound from the word go.

Surprisingly enough, the series only produces two original lead cast characters, one of which forms the star of today’s Cosplay Sundae entry, namely Fay D. Flourite, the laidback mage from the Country of Selece. This happy-go-lucky mage trades his control over his sorcery in order to join Syaoran in his quest to save Sakura and retrieve her magical feathers and in the end helps them out more than what they ever could have dreamed of.

Oh, and in addition to his magic, he also happens to be quite an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter, and yes, that is indeed a white Mokona in his hand!

Good work then cosplay person.

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