Coco, Olympus and Achilles Tackle the Scratching Post My Life 30 JUN 2009

Achilles Olympus Coco Duke it out on Scratching Post

So I mentioned a little while ago that Chantelle and I invested in a brand spanking new scratching post for Olympus, Coco and Achilles, and I’m happy to report that all three were pretty ecstatic with its arrival and clung to it like flies to horse manure for the first week or two!

Of course, the space on top isn’t quite right for all three to lounge simultaneously, but needless to say the attempt shall always be made, leading to some quite hilarious (and often as cute as a button) sleeping poses to observe!

Luckily though, if sleeping on top doesn’t work out for all three, there’s always another comfy solution as these photos below prove:

Achilles Olympus Coco Duke it out on Scratching Post2

Damn, my boys are the quintessence of cute are they not? :)

Achilles Olympus Coco Duke it out on Scratching Post3

(Oh, apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. Relying on Chantelle’s camera phone as we still haven’t made the effort to scrape the pennies together to buy a digital camera for the house. One day, one day I promise. First things first: I want a big ass flatscreen for the house! :D)

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