Cosplay Sundae: Black Kryptonite Supergirl and Nightwing (DC Comics) Cosplay 12 JUL 2009

Black Kryptonie Supergirl and Nightwing

Obviously, American superheroes and their often colourful spandex makes for wonderful cosplay fodder and this week we’ve dug up a cool picture of a (most likely) couple sharing the fun and pitching up at the local comic con dressed up as Black Kryptonite Supergirl (the evil one) and Nightwing, the grown up version of Robin, Boy Wonder who finally spread his own wings and escaped the shadow of the Bat.

Personally, despite the fact that the Supergirl costume certainly looks the part (and thankfully the girl donning it suits the shape as well!), I feel one has to take their hat off to the (albeit dorky posing) dude for pulling off such a nice Nightwing impersonation.

I like! (But I don’t think my significant other would let me wear it – either costume that is! :P)

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