Amazing Spider-man Cosplay: Black Cat (Yaya Han) Cosplay 09 AUG 2009

Yaya Han Black Cat Cosplay

Black Cat DC ComicsFelicia Hardy, the Black Cat has long shifted between foil, compatriot and even ex-girlfriend of Marvel’s premier super hero, Spider-man. A skilled (though somewhat reformed) cat burglar who moonlights as the occasional crime fighter and adventurer, Felicia is a strong-willed, loyal friend and a resourceful fighter more than capable of handling herself in any scrap she manages to get herself into.

Of course, quite a lot of people around her do accuse her of being, well… catty.

Anyway, this week’s lovely Black Cat cosplay sundae is brought to us courtesy of cosplay supremo, America-based Yaya Han, a talented ethnic Chinese woman that has been in the cosplay business for over 8 years already! Always fun and always the consummate cosplay professional, Yaya has a knack for bring her custom-made cosplay characters to life, and as you can see for yourself, she certainly doesn’t get it wrong with Ms. Felicia this time around! :)

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