Cosplay Sundae: Hikaru (Angelic Layer) Cosplay 30 AUG 2009

Hikaru Angelic Layer Cosplay

Hikaru Angelic LayerAngelic Layer was a sticky sweet, action-packed offering from the CLAMP group of mangaka ladies way back in 1999, and following its hugely popular 26-episode long anime series in 2001, the franchise quickly picked up a host of female otaku followers.

The story revolved around the young Misaki Suzuhara, a lovable seventh grader who just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt, and a girl who still had much to learn about the world and on top of that, make new friends in this new, foreign environment that she now found herself in. On arrival she found herself drawn to the world of Angelic Layer, an ingenious gaming system that allowed the gamer to birth and customise their own angel (essentially a doll) and then place them on a special “Layer” that essentially brought the angel to “life”. Once on the Layer, the user could now control the Angel’s movements through their thoughts, using a specially made headset to send out their instructions. Of course, as with any type of game, the focus soon fell on battling and Angelic Layer evolved into a fighting game where two gamers would battle it out on the Layer using their Angel as their warrior proxy.

Of course, there was a whole lot more to the story of Angelic Layer that made it as popular as it was, but for today’s Cosplay Sundae entry we’re not going to delve too deeply into that side of things. No, instead we’re going to present you with a cosplayer calling herself “Kasumi”, who today is gracing us with her extremely capable and well costumed impersonation of Hikaru, Misaki’s much-loved Angel.

Got to say, pretty nifty, eh? :)

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