Dead or Alive (DOA) Cosplay: Ayane (Unidentified) Cosplay 06 SEP 2009

Ayane Dead or Alive Cosplay

Dead or Alive, fighting game franchise and spawner of licensed merchandise and products galore, happily provides us with our Cosplay Sundae subject for today, featuring none other than Ayane, half-sister of Kasumi and Hayate and a ninja destined to always live in the shadow of her older sister.

Naturally, a great hatred towards Kasumi burns deep within her breast, and her entire reason for joining the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship in the first place lies within her attempts to assassinate her traitorous sister who dared to leave the fabled Mugen Tenshin clan behind.

Known as the Female Tengu, her great skill in the deadly art of Ninjutsu has lead to the demise of many of her previous opponents. Thankfully for us though, our unknown cosplayer that pulls off this great Ayane look-alike pose doesn’t seem quite so dangerous – though if I were her I would be constantly looking over my shoulder just to make sure I haven’t offended the real Ayane! She’s quite deadly you know! ;)

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