Cosplay Sundae: Soah (Bride of the Water God) Cosplay 04 OCT 2009

Soah Bride of the Water God Cosplay

Bride of the Water God is a popular Korean manhwa by Yun Mi-kyung, of which Soah is the principal character, a young girl from a small village who gets offered as a sacrifice to the Water God in order to save the villagers from the terrible drought that is currently ravishing their land. However, instead of dying at the hands of Habaek, the Water God, she is instead unexpectedly taken to his wondrous, god-filled Water Kingdom in order to be his bride.

Life in this mysterious world is however daunting and filled with various intrigues, something Soah needs to learn to cope with as soon as possible, never mind dealing with her newly discovered feelings for a man named Mui… who just happens to be the true form of the childlike Habaek.

Confused yet? Well so am I. But luckily for us, cosplayer pho3nix seems to capture the character of Soah in all her beauty just fine, and thanks to photographer Andy Rak, we now have a pretty damn good Cosplay Sundae entry to enjoy! :)

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