Cosplay Sundae: Faith (Mirror’s Edge) Cosplay 11 OCT 2009

Mirrors Edge Faith Cosplay

A lot of people take their cosplay projects pretty damn seriously, and photographer Jesse James Allen is certainly no different, as can be witnessed by his brilliant Mirror’s Edge cosplay sequence featuring professional model hairstylist Yen Ryder as the protagonist Faith.

For those of you not familiar with Mirror’s Edge, it is in fact a ground-breaking 2008 first person platformer console video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. The game itself is powered by the formidable Unreal Engine 3 in conjunction with a new lighting system developed by Illuminate Labs in association with DICE.

Mirror’s Edge is set in a society where communication is heavily monitored by a totalitarian regime which births the class of “runners”, people tasked with delivering messages while evading government surveillance. Faith is such a runner and the main character of this title which focuses heavily on breaking the traditional mould of first person adventure games by introducing the whole freedom of movement concept that includes things like parkour, no active HUD and a particularly responsive motion-related camera environment.

As to whether or not the talented Yen has ever played Mirror’s Edge before? Who knows, and more importantly, who cares! :P

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