T-Shirt Geekery: Silver Surfer and Hulk My Life 01 NOV 2009

Ooh, my fanboy inside kicked into overdrive when I spotted these two awesome Marvel merchandise shirts, featuring the Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer, at Pick ‘n Pay of all places yesterday, forcing me to instantly purchase them (for only R40 a piece) without so much as a second thought.

They’re cool, they’re awesome and they bring out the colour of my eyes.

’nuff said! :P

The Incredible Hulk Marvel T shirt

The Silver Surfer Marvel T shirt

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  • nik

    Hey cool tee !!! i’ve googled pick n pay and cant find the incredible hulk tee, do they have a website , just been looking for one of those for ageeeees.
    cheers !!!

  • Hi nik. Not sure if you’re South African, but if you aren’t then it might be useful to know that Pick ‘n Pay is a brick and mortar supermarket chain that is pretty big over here. They do have an online store, but it’s highly doubtful they list clothing items on the site, as it is a pretty limited online operation.

    If you are however South African, I spotted a single remaining t-shirt over at Pick ‘n Pay at Tygervalley, here in Bellville.

  • nik

    Ahhh no I’m not :o( owell thanks for you reply Craig….

  • No problem man. Your loss though – I just picked up another awesome Silver Surfer shirt the other day from Pick ‘n Pay as well! :)