Cosplay Sundae: Sakura Haruno (Naruto) Cosplay 05 DEC 2009


True, today is not a Sunday, it’s a Saturday, but seeing as I’ll be celebrating Chantelle’s birthday tomorrow, I thought it best to get the (usually) regularly scheduled Cosplay Sundae entry out of the way so long.

Which is why you have currently staring back at you a photo featuring the absolutely brilliant tag team cosplay featuring Naruto stalwart and lead female character, Haruno Sakura and her animated “inner voice”, Inner Voice Sakura!

Okay fine, so good-looking Sakura’s hair isn’t right, I’ll give you that, but as for the rest of the get up it’s pretty much perfect. (Would be nice to know who these two are of course!)

Oh, and in case you were wondering just who Sakura is, then maybe this will help you out.

Part of the Naruto universe, Sakura is one of the three original principle characters, namely Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. In the beginning she’s portrayed as a competent, slightly above average though rather uninspiring ninja cadet (with no seemingly hidden talents) that simply lived to worship the ground on which Sasuke tread.

Pretty much a cardboard character for most of the first part of the series, she did eventually get fleshed out a fair bit, grew up and now struts around as a highly trained (and sought after) medical ninja with the ability to store and control her chakra with a particularly high level of precision and efficiency, meaning that she can give herself super strength with but a single thought.

Inner Sakura still shouts a lot though.

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