Cosplay Sundae: Mio Sakamoto (Strike Witches) Cosplay 13 DEC 2009


Earth has been ravaged by the unstoppable Neuroi. Whole land masses have been obliterated and what it is left of the world is huddled together in a desperate defence against these unknown, alien attackers. Mankind’s only real weapon against the Neuroi turns out to be a mixture of technology and magic, given form in the Striker Units, mechanical legs that when worn by magic-wielding girls, deliver the power of flight and strength to its wearer. Armed with heavy artillery that no ordinary man can carry and protected against the Neuroi’s devastating corrosive miasma, these flying, fighting young girls form the front-line of Earth’s defence force. They are the Strike Witches. (And they don’t seem to know how to wear pants. Kind of silly really if you think about it.)

Surprisingly enough, Strike Witches cosplay is fairly rarely spotted here on the web (probably because of the hot pants all the characters wear on the show), but this unknown cosplayer has however braved the costume and stepped up as a great Mio Sakamoto impersonator, complete with sword, eye-patch and even fluffy ears. And if you look close enough (to be fair, it is chopped off in this shot), she’s even standing in her very own Striker Unit, earning this cosplayer 10 out of 10 for effort.

The girl she’s portraying, Mio Sakamoto, is one of the original Strike Witches and is currently Squadron Leader of the famed 501st Joint Fight Wing. Her animal characteristics that pop out on magic use is that of a Doberman. Suits her character really.

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