SingStar Strikes! My Life 15 DEC 2009

So like I mentioned ages ago already, we had invited all the friends over on the Saturday evening preceding Chantelle’s birthday for a bring and braai in celebration of C’s upcoming 29th birthday, and as per usual, it quickly degenerated into yet another night of SingStar battling as Terrance and Trish once again had their way and managed to convince us (or should that be twist our arms) into hauling out the microphones and letting them loose on the poor, unsuspecting public!

As it happens, I actually managed to capture some photos for a change, so where better to post them than here?

So here goes then:


The main SingStar instigators battling it out!


Damen and Michelle were clearly entertained...

chantelle-birthday-singstar-party3 was Karl and Zania (even if they refused to partake!)


It proved too much for Evan (and a strain for Natasha and Dean by the look of it!)


And Chantelle? Even on her birthday someone has to make the food!

The point? Well, we all had fun, the night was a success, and our neighbours probably still haven’t forgiven us! :)

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  • Tara

    No one ever wants to play singstar wiff me :( They’re all like “But I sound terrible” or “Aww but the games stupid, it takes no skill – you can just hum”

    And then I say, but my dear, that’s not the point, it’s just a lot of fun ;)

  • Actually, we’ve got the same problem too, as the majority all refuse to play – but for the few of us who do pick up the mic, it’s an absolute blast – even if it sometimes sounds like a cat chorus from hell! :D

  • Why is it none of the others wanted to take part? They must just not like having a good time. Either that or they were too intimidated by my angelic singing talents :P
    .-= Terrance´s last blog ..Feedburner, Twitter & =-.

  • I’d go with the intimidated one, but in Karl’s defence, he really does sound awful behind a mic! :P

  • Chantelle

    Karl sounds awful??…I never heard him the ONE time he did take the mic, I just heard a faint grumbling sound in the back ground! ;) On a completely other note – damn, but that dress makes me look 20months pregnant! Why didn’t anyone tell me! :(

  • It’s just the angle love, just the angle… :)