Cosplay Sundae: Airi (Queen’s Blade) Cosplay 20 DEC 2009


Queen’s Blade has for long been a popular Japanese visual combat book game system, based on the licensed works from Lost Worlds and published by Hobby Japan. For some or other reason though, TV execs thought it a great idea to bring the art to life in the form of a ecchi-charged twelve part anime series last year, and this of course brought Queen’s Blade firmly into the West’s line of sight.

For today’s Cosplay Sundae entry I present a stunningly good cosplay representation of Airi, the scythe-wielding ghost maid. Given a human form by the evil Swamp Witch and the most loyal and willing of servants, Airi finds herself used mostly for assassinations, where her power to absorb vitality on touch serves her particularly well.

For interest’s sake, in the anime Airi gets voiced by Kanae Ito, but I’m afraid she hasn’t yet popped out in her character’s costume just yet! So this unknown, happy to show off her panties, girl had no choice but do it for her in the end!

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