Achilles is still Here, don’t Worry My Life 22 DEC 2009

Hmm, seeing as I haven’t mentioned Achilles here in this blog for absolute ages, I fear that some of you out there may start believing that he actually doesn’t exist any more. Never fear though, I would like to take this moment of your time just to assure you that Achilles is still very much alive and around Nagua Bay number 45.

He just doesn’t want to stand still long enough for a decent photo to be taken, that’s all! :)


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  • Ryan

    I so regret giving you guys that camera – now the blog is just full of photos

  • Just wait until I’m on holiday. Then you can expect this blog to start filling up with all our honeymoon pictures!

    If you want more text-based stuff, hit up the CodeUnit site. Not too many photos over there! :P

  • Claire

    That’s not Achilles, that’s a pic of Tigga :)

  • @Claire: It’s not my fault Tigga is growing up to look like the king of all gingers, the cat we like to call Achilles! :P

  • Claire

    Hey, Tigga is older than Archilles….show he some respect :P

  • tsk tsk, Tigga has had his day – now it is time for the youngblood to shine though! :P