Ubuntu: How to Install Google Chrome for Karmic Koala CodeUnit 25 DEC 2009

google-chrome-logoInstalling the latest browser upstart, Google Chrome into Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala turns out to be a whole lot simpler than what you might have thought.

The Chromium dev team have just released a debian installer package for Google Chrome Beta, which you can head over and grab from http://www.google.com/chrome. (If you do it from a windows machine, you’ll need to navigate through to the Linux downloads, but if you launch the URL from Ubuntu, it defaults to the Linux download.)

Once the 12 mb file has finished downloading, it now becomes a very simple matter of double clicking on the .deb package and following the Debian Package Installer prompts that follow. That easy.

Finally, when the go ahead is lit and the package sits installed, you can access Google Chrome by hitting the Applications -> Internet -> Google Chrome system menu option.

(Needless to say, first option you get is to import all your stuff over from Firefox. You’d better do it – after all, you don’t know when you’ll ever be going back! :P)

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