My Lounge Table My Life 26 DEC 2009

Right. I mentioned the fact that I bought an awesome flat pack lounge table quite some time ago already, but as per usual, I’ve been a bit lacking in providing the evidence to back my boast up. So here it is. The awesomeness of my lounge table that’s been flown in all the way from Denmark of all places!


See, pretty cool. Love the look, love the build, and most important of all, love the under table hide away spots for coasters, remotes and cats.


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  • Ryan

    you could have at least dusted it before showing it off

  • As I am a man, I can only answer with a big fat “Why?” :P

  • Ryan

    As a nother man – simply because the look of the table is ruined by the dust on it

  • You can’t call yourself a man if you are worried about dust on a table. That is all. If however you were complaining that dust is blurring the aesthetics of the big screen TV, then that would be considered quite manly.

  • Ryan

    um, the dust on the table is bad – considering I have tended to over dust so far in month 1 :)

  • It’s not my fault you’ve got nothing better to do with your time! How about inviting us all over for a braai instead of dusting all of the time? :P

  • Ryan

    how about you stop asking for a braai…timing wise, I am looking at say the 30th of Jan now for one :)…still need patio furniture, unless you are going to give me some plastic chairs, I just cannot do it yet

  • Eish, so long to wait for the official house warming braai – by the time you finally get around to it you’d have moved already! :P

    (See you tomorrow though bro’!)