Final Fantasy XII Cosplay: Fran (Unidentified) Cosplay 27 DEC 2009

This week’s Cosplay Sundae entry pays homage to an absolutely fantastic Fran of Final Fantasy XII fame costume (and the girl donning it for that matter). If you’ve never picked up Final Fantasy XII then you might be feeling a little lost right at this moment, but never fear, the tome of information Craig is here. Hidden deep in the lush forests of Ivalice live the viera race, a rabbit-like species who tie themselves to the forest very much like the wood elves of yore. The outcast Fran is a bow-wielding viera warrior that handles the maintenance of Balthier’s airship, the Strahl. Wise and older than the rest of the crew, Fran is however the most susceptible to the Mist that was permeating Ivalice and in so doing forms a crucial part of the epic story that makes up Final Fantasy XII.

For more info on the game and character herself, jump to the link here.

As for today’s costume, the level of detail put into it is absolutely stunning. From the fine, etched detail on the armour to the gorgeously realised bow and rabbit ears, the makers and model have got Fran translated into real life almost perfectly. Kudos guys! :)



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