Cosplay Sundae: Jo (Bakuretsu Tenshi) Cosplay 03 JAN 2010


Cosplay Sundae time once again, and this week we got a really enthusiastic unknown cosplay depicting Jo, from the raucously fun anime Bakuretsu Tenshi (or Burst Angel as its known in the States) anime series. The story for Bakuretsu Tenshi follows aspiring pastry chef Kyohei Tachibana and his misadventures after falling in step with a band of mercenaries, the primary gunslinger being the mysterious Jo, a non-talkative warrior woman who speaks loudly with her actions and even more loudly with her twin Desert Eagles. The show is action-packed, tons of fun and as this cosplay costume goes to show, pretty damn sexy in the process.

An excellent photo by the way, not too often that you see cosplayers actually willing to get their handiwork wet like that! :P

(P.S. Technically, this is the first Cosplay Sundae post of 2010 – what a great way to start the year, isn’t it?)

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