Where do I find that old Word 2003 Command in Word 2007? CodeUnit 06 JAN 2010

Microsoft’s word editing platform Word 2003 was around for many years and is to this day still being used in many an office around the world. However, Microsoft did of course replace it back in 2007 with the updated Word 2007 which formed part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite – which of course lead to countless headaches thanks to the radical overhaul of the menu functionality and look and feel when it came to the new offering.

So just where do you locate all those functions you are so used to using in Word 2003 in Word 2007 then?

Well thankfully Microsoft at least realised for a change just how big a headache this whole product dissonance was causing their customers and so whipped up a really handy flash-based guide which acts as a locater that guides you through the various function locations between the two versions of the Word. Simpy put, all you do is click on any ‘function’ on the Word 2003 display panel and the guide will automatically step through and highlight where you would find the equivalent function in Word 2007.

Very visual and very, very effective.

You can find the guide and play with it yourself over here.

Related Link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HA100744321033.aspx

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