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Ubuntu: How to Reboot or Shutdown from the Command Line CodeUnit 10 JAN 2010

If you’re using Ubuntu or perhaps another flavour of Linux, there come a time when you need to either reboot (restart) or shutdown a machine via a terminal (command line) or shell command.

Of course, it does come as no surprise that in order to carry out either of these two commands, you will need administrator privileges on the machine that you are currently using, in other words, sudo is once more you best friend.

To shut down / power off your Ubuntu PC, type in the command:

sudo halt


sudo shutdown -h now

Alternatively, to restart / reboot your machine, enter the command:

sudo reboot

As always, more information on both of these commands can be found via the man system:

man reboot

man shutdown

Cosplay Sundae: Claire Redfield (Resident Evil) Cosplay 10 JAN 2010


This week’s Cosplay Sundae sees us heading back into the gaming realm, with a brilliant cosplay by talented deviantART-active model, pheonix-blood. She’s playing the part of Claire Redfield, one of the heroines from the hugely popular Resident Evil survival-horror franchise. Claire Redfield herself is the younger sister of former S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield (the main protagonist of the Resident Evil canon), an avid motorcyclist , and a member of the human-rights organisation, Terra Save. She was present in Raccoon City during the Tyrant virus (t-virus) outbreak.

As you can see from the photos above and below, pheonix-blood has gone and done a great job in capturing Claire’s look and feel and the addition of the scratch damage is a touch of class. Once again, another top-notch example of cosplay done right!


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