Ubuntu: List Running Services from a Terminal CodeUnit 12 JAN 2010

I’ve had to do more work on one of our Ubuntu servers again recently, and without Ubuntu’s incredible GUI to fall back on, I’m seriously shocked at just how much Linux knowledge I’ve lost since moving away from the platform so many years ago already.

Anyway, today’s quickfire post is simply to remind you how to pull up a list of all the services currently running on your Ubuntu machine via a terminal command line. This is of course pretty useful in the event that you actual want to interact with a service that you suspect should be running in the background…

service --status-all

This will list all services currently running (and located in the init.d) on your system. Remember, it is expected that all services should as a minimum respect the start and stop functionalities, meaning that you can use the service names garnered above in order to control what services are currently running on your installation.

See, bloody easy. You’d have expected me to remember that in the first place, now wouldn’t you? :P

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