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The Warm Water Spa and the Cellphone General Nonsense | My Life 19 JAN 2010

My dear old father-in-law Monty managed to achieve the quite unthinkable this past weekend (which we spent as a Montgomery Clan getaway to Warmwaterberg Spa just by the way) – he managed to completely soak his cellphone by forgetting it in the pockets of his newly purchased swimming trunks as he entered the warm water pool for his very first swim.

Needless to say, he was quite distraught, Cheryl was annoyed and the rest all thought it to be quite hilarious.

Seeing as this happened on the very first day of arriving at the spa, the hapless, unresponsive and rather soggy cellphone proceeded to then spend the rest of the weekend lying around in pieces in the hope that it would dry out and thus render itself useful once more (and had I had access to the Internet, I might have known about the laying in a bowl of rice trick that seems to work rather well according to the denizens of the Net).

Anyway, at the time of writing this quickfire post I have yet to receive an update as to how the phone is faring. Did it survive, is it still salvageable, will insurance cover its repair? Or has it truly shuffled this mortal coil and gone to that ever increasing pile of junk that is electronics heaven?

I’m really not sure, but the whole incident does raise an interesting question in my mind. Is a phone’s dunking survival rate greater depending on the purity and temperature of the water in which it finds itself submerged? For example, does the fact that this phone was submerged in mineral rich, heated natural spa water instead of cold distilled battery water have any effect on its survivability rate?

C’mon, surely there must be an engineer out there who can enlighten me? O.o

New Features in jQuery 1.4! CodeUnit 19 JAN 2010

Four years have passed since the initial public release of the stellar jQuery library and in celebration the guys over at jQuery have just released jQuery 1.4, the first major core release for 2010. They’re making a pretty big song and dance about the whole thing, packaging everything nicely up in a special blog entitled The 14 Days of jQuery.

Moving on to this new version of the popular jQuery library, we see it now comes packaged with quite a few new options, particularly when it comes to the selector functionality of the library. However, this isn’t the only section to feature some newbies and as such I’ve pulled out a list of the new function additions to the library (ignoring existing functionality updates), functions I guess we’ll all become pretty familiar with as we now begin to grapple with this latest beast! ;)


Righteous Kill… An Opinion My Reviews 19 JAN 2010

I caught Righteous Kill on DSTV the other day and kind of half-watched it as I faffed around the house cleaning up (this was during our vaunted Spring Cleaning 2010 effort earlier this month). Now what had originally caught the eye of the critics in this Jon Avnet film when this movie was first released was of course the billing of Hollywood’s two premier screen names, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino alongside one another in the lead roles for this contemporary crime thriller.

Now as one can imagine, these two gruff bulldogs both put in superb performances and do the best that anyone could ever hope to do with the lines given to them, and they are ably backed up by a decent cast that includes the likes of Brian Dennehy, Carla Gugino, John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg, not forgetting everyone’s favourite gangsta Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as “Spider” of course!

But while the musical score, film editing and use of colour were all extremely ably handled, I couldn’t help but feel extremely let down by this film that depends so heavily on the final twist in its tale to make it work.


Well, the problem is that the movie makes it so bleeding obvious that it’s annoying. All the way through, from beginning to end, you have two partners working side by side to solve a string of murders, but at the same time the story paints the one cop so black that it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that obviously the guilty party is NOT the one that the story is so focused on accusing!

And at the end of it all when the twist is revealed and you are proven to be right, it just makes the whole experience that much more disappointing.

I’m not sure how it could have been done any differently, but one thing I do know is that this definitely feels like a bit of a waste of the first proper big screen time team-up of these legendary Hollywood heavyweights! :(

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