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Hats Off to… Rogue Assassin My Reviews 20 JAN 2010

I caught Rogue Assassin on DSTV the other day and I’ve got to give kudos to the writers – they seriously caught me off guard with some serious twists in the tale for this ultra violent action fliek.

And this is one of the least violent scenes...

I must admit, I can’t actually fault the movie on the story as I found myself actually compelled to sit through and watch just about the whole movie (ignoring Chantelle’s pleas for coffee at least twice) and the action sequences were pretty intense and well choreographed – if a little on the bloody side. But you can’t say any of the violence was unrealistic though, come to think of it.

Jason Statham is his usual tough guy self (I don’t think he knows how to play any other type of role to be honest), and he pulls his weight pretty well throughout the movie. Unfortunately on the other side of the main character list, Jet Li once again delivered an absolutely horrible performance in terms of acting – thank goodness his martial arts form is still top notch though.

I see it scored pretty low on Rotten Tomatoes, averaging around 14%, but those guys don’t usually give straight action movies much of a chance anyway. It’s not cute, it’s not romantic, it doesn’t have many laughs – but it does have plenty of yakuza and triads, plenty of gunfights, sword fights, hand to hand combat and explosions and one mean twist of the tale in the end.

And based on that twist in the tale alone, I’ve got to take my hat off to the scriptwriters on this blood-soaked, explosive tale. Well done boys, it’s not often someone catches me out like you guys did! :)

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jQuery: Tween from One Color to Another CodeUnit 20 JAN 2010

From jQuery 1.2 onwards, the ability to tween (animate) from one color to another, in other words fade one color into a different color is as simple as inserting one line of code.

(In order to use this effect though, you will need to include the official Color Animations jQuery plugin which can be grabbed here.)

Technically all that the color animation is doing is it is making subtle CSS changes utilizing the jQuery.fx.step functionality to fire it along, but seeing as this all happens behind the scenes, all you really need to know are the CSS properties that you are allowed to manipulate in this manner…

…which are currently ‘backgroundColor’; ‘borderBottomColor’; ‘borderLeftColor’; ‘borderRightColor’; ‘borderTopColor’; ‘color’; ‘outlineColor’, just by the way.

In addition, colors can be specified as one of a pre-set range of named colors (e.g. blue, pink), or in rgb format (e.g. rgb(221,221,221)), or as hex (e.g. #cc6600), or finally as shorthand hex (e.g. #ddd).

Let’s for example say you wish to face a page’s background color from its current white, all the way through to blue and once that is done, tween the now blue background to it’s final pink stage.

To achieve this is really simple. What we are going to do is call the animate function which will be responsible for the color tween and when the first animate call is done, chain a second animate after the original to change the color to the final desired pink.

And here’s the jQuery magic that will do all of this for us:

$("body").animate( { backgroundColor: 'blue' }, 1000).animate( { backgroundColor: 'pink' }, 1000);

You’ll see in the above that all we do is specify the CSS property on which to act (this time it is BackgroundColor) and then specify how many milliseconds the animation needs to act for.

And that’s it. The magic of jQuery strikes again! :)