Magic Knight Rayearth Cosplay: Alycone (Giorgia Vecchini) Cosplay 24 JAN 2010

Well known Italian cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini dipped deep into the classics for this one, gracefully stepping out as the mesmerizing Alycone.


CLAMP’s Magic Knight Rayearth proved to be a popular hit with anime-watching girls the world around, and so today’s Cosplay Sundae takes us back to Alycone, the ice sorceress who tutored under Clef and was brought up to attend to the Pillar. Her one-sided love for the high priest Zagato however, led to her becoming his servant and unfortunately for her, failing Zagato means paying the ultimate price. (Luckily for her though, at least in the anime adaptation of the original manga, she got to live quite a bit longer!)

(Oh and just by the way, as was the tradition in naming Magic Knight Rayearth characters, Alycone gets her name from the Subaru Alcyone SVX. Now you know.)


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