Not a Great Morning Stench My Life 27 JAN 2010

You know what isn’t a great smell to try waking up to? Opening your fridge to grab some yoghurt for breakfast and being hit by that overpowering smell of fresh, raw beef that has been sitting in your fridge overnight.

And not just one piece of meat let me tell you; Oh no, seven huge rolled beef fillets are currently inhabiting our fridge back home, all shaped, and kneaded and wrapped by Chantelle for use in her wedding catering effort for the wedding that is to be held at the Gordon’s Beach Lodge guest house tomorrow evening.

Needless to say, after being hit by that wall of stench at 05:45 this morning, my yoghurt and banana didn’t go down quite as nicely as I might have hoped! o.O

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  • Chantelle

    Sorry love! O.O

  • No problem babes – just didn’t expect it to smell quite as bad as what it was. Looked like a serial butcher had gone to work in our fridge! :)

  • Well – didn’t they come from a serial butcher?

    That would explain the appearance.
    .-= 6000´s last blog ..Short-sighted Idiots =-.

  • Well most likely it came from a serial butcher, unless it was from a guy who does this part time and sells it out the back window of his Ford Cortina.

    Personally I like to see smaller chunks in neat little pick ‘n pay black trays in my fridge than giant rolls of what may and may not be something quite disgusting.

    Like broccoli for instance.